5 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Miss Oreo Well iz time

Miss Oreo Well iz time fur Buck, Zoe, an mes to go home. Wez got owr snakkies awl pakked to take houme an share wiff momma. Wez will see mew awl amorrows. Nitey nite. (Up the wormhole they go-----woosh.) Kathleen Dell Goodnight and sweet dreams to all of you. Have a wonderful night. Love and hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Susan Siefers Hi, Garcon. I just stopped by for a cup of coffee this morning. Oh, yes! Please top it off with some medicinal brew. I don't like taking the pills I'm allowed to take at home. Wormhole Bistro We are very pleased to have you back with us, Madame Susan.

Wormhole Bistro Oh, look wut hab komm owt da wormhole! Dat be wun of dem robot proebz dat uz hab leef in da world of Feles an Lady Cattus, fur da messadsh deliffareez! An it look as if it do HAB da messadsh! Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oooh, what is the message? Nothing bad, I hope! The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Us awl hopie dat it bes gud new fur our newest family members Lady Cattus ans brudder Feles? Steven Arcand *Birdie * wats it sez...whats it sez?

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