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2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's

The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Ans may da luck ob da Irish gibs mew whiskery kissies on da nose Wormhole Bistro *SC COOPER* Da bestest wisjhes fur da St. Patty's Day. Ai not wants any yu dwinkin n dwiben. Dere wots da 'xtwa cushions awl round da Bistro fur yu tu sweeps off awl da gween beer yu imbibies in. Check out 'Beer! Beer! BEER!' on This St. Patrick's Day, cast five drinking buddies in a leprechaun tribute to the best bubbly stuff around, beer! JIBJAB.COM

17/04/03: STEVENS REPORT - The Irish Times
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