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2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Buck (Zooms over) Top o'

Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da mornin. Dat wuz da best dancin eber. Mew awl looks greet. Iz has fur mews six da palates da gween panikakes wiff lots da maply syrups, an six da large mugs da hot cocoas wiff da whippy cweams on da tops. Gwen Hickford Top o' the morning to you to Skits and Buck and thank you, Pumpkin smiles. I'm just happy that my kilt stayed where it belongs. Muffin, Snuffles and Jake giggle behind their paws. Buck Mew awl is bery welkoms. Dat wuld be embarizin fur sure. Iz neber taut bout dem kilts komin off Pumpkin. Wormhole Bistro OMC dat wuds bes da catastrophy Pumpkin Gwen Hickford Muffin chuckles, if his tummy wasn't so round his kilt wouldn't give him so much trouble. Pumpkin grins, well just in case I have my shorts on under my kilt. Susan Siefers May I have an order of the green eggs and ham with a mug of Irish coffee please. And while HoneyBun takes her box of treats to the Rainbow Wormhole I'd better order her some breakfast, too. How about some waffles with whippie cream and dragon fruit, and a bowl of kitty milk with some bacon straws. Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da mornin. Iz has fur mew da ordur da gween ham an eggies wiff da mug da Irish koffee, an sum da waffles wiff da whippy cweams an da bowl da kitteh milk wiff da bakon stwaws. Susan Siefers Thanks, Buck. What a great breakfast! (HoneyBun comes back in from delivering her treat box to the wormhole. She takes a deep drink of kitty milk and sighs.) HoneyBun > Fank you, Buck. Dat wuz a loaded box. My sisfurs and brofur iz gonna lub it. Buck Mews boff iz ekspeshually welkom Auntie Susan an HoneyBun. Dem sure iz gunna lub dat box an da fun toys tou.

HoneyBun's Mews I hope so, Buck. I wuzn't always nice to Trouble and Casey when I rescued Meomy, but I miss dem since dey went to da Bridge. Michelle Anderson Looks very good. To bad that I missed it. Buck (Zooms over) Yop o' da mornin. Mew is neber tou da late Auntie Michelle Anderson . What kan iz get fur mew? Michelle Anderson I'll have an order if green egg ham and an Irish coffee. If you please. Buck Sewturently Auntie Michelle. (He zooms to the kitchen and back) Iz has fur mew da ordur da gween eggies an ham, an da nize hot Irish koffee. Enshooy mewr meel. Michelle Anderson Thank you Buck. Happy St Patrick's day to you. Buck (He gives her a hug) Mew is ekstwemely welkom Auntie Michelle. Happe St. Patrick's Dae. Janie Gove green eggies please Buck (Zooms over) Happe St. Patrick's Dae Auntie Janie. Iz has fur mew da gween eggis an ham palate, an da large mug da hot koffee. Enshooy.

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