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2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Wormhole Bistro Now wiff

Wormhole Bistro Now wiff da helpie ob our bootifuls Miss Oreo ans her speedy brudder Buck, we habs tuday's Main Noms menu fur mew. We habs reloaded up da Breds Case ans da Salad Bar ans we habs lots fur mew tu picks tu habs tu dwink. We habs sums Cweam ob Broccoli Zoupie, sums Pinach linguine with shrimp and vegetables, sums Gween Burga and frys, ans sums Twoll Stew wiff Guinness. We hopie dat mew finds sumfings dat mew likie ans we wish mew da Bon Appetit too! Steven Arcand We would likey dree orders ob corned beef and da cabbage an tato's an dree roots beers purlease. Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da dae Unkie Steven, Birdie, an Metro. Iz has fur mew da dree ordurs ob da korned beef an da kabbage an tatoes, an dree da large rooty beers.

Steven Arcand Tank mews buck *gives da gween nip tweet as da tip* Buck Mew is awl bery welkoms Unkie Steven. Dank mew fur da furbulouz tip. Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Big Bear> What a wonderfull menu! We'll have it for five, with two big mugs and three kitty sized glasses of Guinness, please! Buck (Zooms over) Welkom bakk Auntie Johanna, Unkie Big Bear, Pookie, Starlie, an Troubie. Iz has fur mews fibe times da m ain noms menus, dree da kitty sized glaszes da Guinness, an tou da large steins da Guinness. Enshooy! Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Big Bear> Thank you, Buck! Mmmh, that smells great! Buck Mews is ekstwemely welkoms. Audra Gednalske Just in time for nom noms noms noms Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da dae to mew Auntie Audra. Iz has fur mew da full main noms menu, an da glasz da Guinness Irish beer, an da glasz da nipsy cola. Enshooy.

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