8 months ago

2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Audra Gednalske Miss Zoe

Audra Gednalske Miss Zoe Happy St. Patrick's day Auntie Audra. Heer is a chocolate samplur bag fur you. Audra Gednalske Miss Zoe ❤ ❤ Thank you so much ☘️ ☘️ Miss Zoe You're very welkom Auntie Audra. Lisa Bober Yummy, ♥ Wormhole Bistro Miss Oreo me Lub says Skits me habs sums pecial gifts fur tuday fur mew tu enjoys! Sums Shamrock Flowerys, ans dis necklace. Me hopie dat mew likie dem!

Miss Oreo OMC! Skits, Iz lubs dem. Iz only got mew dis wittle sumfin fur tudae. Iz hopes it fits. Wormhole Bistro OMC dis bes bootifuls ans lookie, me Lub Miss Oreo purrfects too! it fits just Kathleen Dell Beautiful. Wormhole Bistro Fank mews Auntie Kathleen Lisa Bober Beautiful! Wormhole Bistro The Unicorn - The Irish Rovers Irish Rovers website: From HOME IN IRELAND CD or on iTunes: http:… YOUTUBE.COM

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