5 months ago

2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Audra Gednalske Gwen

Audra Gednalske Gwen Hickford Pumpkin looks down at his tummy, oh well no calories here. Could we have six pieces of the chocolate cheesecake bars, six pieces of chocolate mint cream cake, four more glasses of Guiness and two hot cocoas for the little ones please. Buck (Zooms over and pats Pumpkins belly) Duzent wurry my goud furend, round bez one my faborite shapes. Sewiously. Iz has fur mew six da peizes da chokolate scheezecakie barz, six peizes da chokolate mint cweams cakie, four da more glassez da Guinness, an tou da mugs da hot cocoa wiff da whippy cweams on da tops fur Jake an booutiful Miss Snuffles. Gwen Hickford Pumpkin grins, round isn't quite the right shape for a kilt but I'm rather attached to it. It's purrfect for Mom to rub and pat. He glances at Auntie Pascale, I don't let Auntie do that yet though. Buck Iz agwwes wiff mew. Takes da bit da tiem to twust an Auntie wiff mewr belly area. Gwen Hickford Pumpkin laughs, Auntie Pascale says I'm like a Venus Fly Trap with her.

Buck Gwen Hickford That's about it, Pumpkin laughs, but I grab hold with all four paws and my tail.MOL Buck Johanna Duffek-Kowal (waves her camera) Shad! Skits! We need a pic of the two of you for the album, too! And it sure won't hurt you to sit down for a moment!

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