7 months ago

2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Buck Precious Jezzie Ohh

Buck Precious Jezzie Ohh dat looks like lots ob fun Pookie & Starlight Komm on, guys - LETZ DANZ! Miss Oreo Leann Applegate

Wormhole Bistro We awl bes tuckered out now but still habs tunite's snackies fur mew. We habs puts awl dem luberly lebt obers intu da Stasis ans habs sums Bailey's Chocolatey Cheeziecake Shamrock pots, sums Pot ob Gold Pretzels, sums Mint White Hot Cocoa, ans sums Rainbow Puddins. Der bes lots tu picks tu habs tu dwinks too but fur now we wish mew da gud nite's sleepie wiff dem sweetest ob dreamies cuz us awl lubs mew bunches We sees mew amorraws fur Brekkie ans mew cans helpie mew selfie or Garcon bes standin by tu assists mew too! Audra Gednalske Shhhhhhh Sneaks in and grabs the goodies ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Buck (Whispers) Haz da goud night Auntie Audra.

17/04/03: STEVENS REPORT - The Irish Times
New Year's Eve 2016