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10 Realm Prospectus c.

10 Realm Prospectus c. Social Enterprise- As early as Acts 2, we see the church creating social enterprises for the wellbeing of her members. Starting non-for-profits and other efforts in response to the needs of our church and parish will serve as a primary means of seeking the good of Oakland. d. Business Start-ups- we value entrepreneurial efforts to the advancement of human flourishing and to the promotion of ministerial sustainability through the application of Christian principles. e. Community Service- It is through service that the church best demonstrates its call to be the hand and feet of our master Jesus. Multiply a. Training & Raising Up Planters- Our conviction is to join other churches in the bay in becoming training grounds for launching leaders within the church as well as outside the church. b. Church Planting- In playing our part in carrying out the Great Commission we seek to be a church-planting-church. The church still is and will always remain the primary vehicle through which the kingdom of God will be advanced on the earth. At the heart/core of this church-plant as well as any and all Great-Commission multiplication efforts we value a churches that are… i. Healthy- What Type Of Churches Are We Multiplying? We want to plant churches that are gospel centered, healthy and biblical. Our particular plant will be elder-led and congressionally ruled; however we are open to elder rule models. There will be a plurality of leadership whose ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus, mature the saint, evangelize the lost, and seek the good of the community through good works. ii. Sensitive To The Multi-Church • Cultural & Ethnic- Strong convictions to have a Revelation 21 body of believers represented at all levels of church activity so as much as the demographics of your parish/region will allow. • Gendered- Strong theological convictions of a Joel 2:28 reality, that God has gifted our Christian women and they are to be released for the work of the ministry because we need them to be. Such convictions can be summarized in a biblical complimentarian framework, not a cultural complimentarianism. • Generational- As a church, we don’t seek to be young. We want to appeal to whomever the Lord sends our way. However, the church desperately needs Titus 2 men and women providing seasoned wisdom from Spirit filled lives. • Socio-Economic- The church is called to all. Thus we value all, no matter their financial abilities or background.

Realm Prospectus 11 3.5% Evangelicals out of nearly 8 million people in the Bay.

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