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This original painting

This original painting displayed on the back cover is acrylic on canvas and measures 24”x36” and was painted in 2001. "WARHOL NAKED" is my seminal piece in the creation of Cosmic Extensionalism a technique of art which I founded in 1999, and is individually exclusive to myself. This work was shown internationally in the media and on the internet in the promotion of the "Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson", the world's most valuable Art Motorcycle. The painting is a tribute and a celebration of my friendship with Andy Warhol who called me "The last wizard of art" in 1985, shortly before his death. Mr. Warhol taught me that individuality can overcome all opposition in life and in art. When you create something so unique and different from the norm, it takes years for the critics and the art world to catch up with proper recognition and pricing, and embrace the new concept. But as with all great artists as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Modigliani and Warhol, the pricing rises with the rarity and uniqueness, of the process used. This is what makes the creation of a masterpiece possible. The boldness to paint a vision that has never been painted before of something so different and rare, that it becomes iconic, and represents the essence of the artist; and his work. "Warhol Naked" is my vision of a man who created "soup-cans" as art, and was laughed at by the critics of his time, until he transformed himself into the most iconic-figure in the art world. Most of the soup cans did not sell when they were first exhibited in 1962 at 100 dollars each. The lack of sales did not deter Warhol, in 1962, as it did not deter Van Gogh or Modigliani earlier. Visionaries are free from the false concept of acceptance or non-acceptance of themselves, in their ideas, or in their creations, which limits all non visionaries into accepting conventional thinking instead of creating revolutionary ideas and artistic invention. By the time of his death in 1987 Warhol was the most famous artist in the world. The bright, bold, deeply shaped red, shining surface of the painting over the blue graffiti cosmic art written with the word “Warhol”, in "bright-white" acrylic paint, symbolizes Warhol's triumph over the art system of his time. Now everything is considered art, and everyone an artist, because of Andy's work, in art and film. Now everyone is a film maker. The freedom to be human, and try everything is the most basic human right in the world. Warhol was the liberator, of the human artistic experience. He was my friend, and this painting symbolizes my breakthrough in my own process of becoming the best individually unique artist of my time, and shunning all art systems. Cosmic Extensionalism Art is a direct result of the freedom I experienced when discussing art and technique, with the most famous pop artist in the world, Andy Warhol. WARHOL NAKED IS MY FINEST WORK, AND IN THE FUTURE WILL BE A LASTING ICON OF THIS CENTURY'S MOST APPRECIATED, NEW ART. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THE VISIONARY WHO BELIEVES IN THEIR OWN WORK, AND THEIR OWN VISION. MOST PEOPLE AND ARTISTS IN THE WORLD ARE TAUGHT TO BELIEVE IN THE VISION OF OTHERS. THE ORIGINAL PAINTING "WARHOL NAKED" IS MY FINEST VISION. ARTIST JACK ARMSTRONG, September 14, 2017 52


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