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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

You can set up an

You can set up an account in seconds. There are no questions asked and zero fees. Again, I’ll walk you through the set up soon. It’s decentralised The Bitcoin network isn't controlled by any central authority; instead it’s made up of many machines across the world processing transactions and working together to make a truly global network. This stops any central authority changing policies and taking people’s money. Even if part of the network goes down, the Bitcoins will still keep a-flowin’. It’s 100% anonymous Anyone can hold as many Bitcoin addresses as they like -these addresses are not linked to names, real addresses or any other personal information. It’s completely transparent Bitcoin stores every single transaction on its own ledger known as the blockchain. Every transaction that is stored on the blockchain can be viewed by anyone. However you can only match an address to a person or an entity if they have chosen to share their address publicly. This would be a perfect solution for anyone that needs to be held accountable like a government or charity for example. So while you CAN be anonymous… you don’t HAVE to be. Almost no transaction fees Your bank may charge you fees for sending or receiving money, especially from overseas. Bitcoin doesn't charge you anything apart from the minuscule miners fee which is included in every transaction. It’s very fast

No waiting for cheques to clear or your bank to pass on your cash. You can send money anywhere and it will arrive within minutes. It’s non repudiable When your Bitcoins are sent, there is no getting them back, there can be no reverse payments or cancelled payments once you have paid or received Bitcoin. On their own, these benefits might not seem like a lot. But together, they helped create a situation where Bitcoin became an absolute mania. As more and more people woke up to the potential and bought in… the price went to the moon and back. In this time the media come to have a love hate relationship with Bitcoin; sometimes they are pro Bitcoin sometimes they think it’s something that will go away soon. The reality is every day more and more big businesses are starting to take Bitcoin seriously, with many big companies like Expedia, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Subway, PayPal/eBay, Tesla, Microsoft and many more all now taking payments in Bitcoin. It goes to show how far this currency has come and what it has to come in the future. Even the New York stock exchange is investing in Bitcoin. It’s an inescapable fact that Bitcoin is ever growing alongside the whole of the crypto market, which is getting bigger by the day. But although Bitcoin MIGHT go up in value and make you money on paper, that’s not what we’re here for. Instead, we’ll be buying a little bit of Bitcoin to use as our bank. Because it’s the other cryptos – the altcoins – that we’re going to buy and sell on a regular basis to make our money.

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