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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

New altcoins are being

New altcoins are being released every day, and it’s our job (and my job on The Crypto Hotwire) to do two things: - Spot which ones look likely to boom like crazy. - Spot which ones we should buy, hold for a very short time, then sell for a great quick profit. Just take a look at this… Before the rush pushes the price up here... We aim to get in here... This chart shows how an altcoin called Blackcoin took off over the course of three days. From nowhere (you can just about see movement at the bottom of the chart), this coin took off like crazy. And that’s the first type of movement we’re trying to latch onto – the big hitters! All we are looking to do is capture some of this surge upwards. Sometimes we have to wait a while… the big surges usually happen when a new coin is introduced to market, gets hyped, and soars. I spend most my days and nights keeping my ear to the ground so you don’t have to, I look forward to welcoming you to the community of traders on The Crypto Hotwire very soon.

Here’s another example of an altcoin soaring up… Here we see Dogecoin rumbling along for a while, unnoticed, unloved… then over the space of 2.5 – 3 days the price spikes like crazy. Again, our plan is simple at this stage… we assess a new coin BEFORE most get onto it, we identify the traits that are likely to make it a success, and if they are present we buy and hold and WAIT! Often nothing much will happen. Sometimes the coin will sink without a trace and lose us money. It’s unavoidable (and the reason you should treat these particular altcoin deals like punts). But when everything comes together, you can see your initial stake go up, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x… I have my own system (my A+D system) and rules when buying an altcoin, and I have different things I look for once a coin is added to an exchange, which means you don’t have to look through the hundreds of coins out there and think ‘which ones do I buy?’ You just leave that to me. So how DO you take your first steps into this world? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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