4 months ago

Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

You will now see a pop

You will now see a pop up asking you to choose your country and enter a mobile number, once you have done that click next. You will now get an alert on your phone or internet device to open your Authy app. You will see a 7 digit code that should look something like this:

Back on the Coinbase website, provide the current 7-digit code displayed within the Authy app and click “verify phone number” Your 2 factor authentication is now active on your account. Every time you now enter your username and password when you log in, you will also have to open the Authy app and enter the 7 digit code. It’s a little annoying as it takes a few more seconds to log on, but the peace of mind from the added security is worth it to keep your Bitcoins are safe. But this is just the first step. We’re not here to make money from bitcoin itself. We MIGHT see a profit on paper if the price booms, and if it booms high enough I might advise you to sell some and get back in when the price falls again. But on the whole, we are only buying bitcoin so we can use it to buy other crypto currencies. THAT’S where we’re looking to make our money. The idea is always to increase your bitcoin holdings by buying and selling smaller altcoins for profit. So let’s get the next parts set up.

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