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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

CHAPTER 4 Buying

CHAPTER 4 Buying Altcoins You’ve got your bitcoin wallet… You’ve bought some bitcoin… Great! We’re now ready to start buying the first batch of altcoins I’ve handpicked for you in your free report. And to do that, you’ll need to get online and watch some special videos I’ve recorded for you. Watching me take all the steps YOU need to make is by far the best way to get to grips with this. Plus, I’ve found that these crypto sites change a lot. They’re always being tweaked and laid out slightly differently, so I could take screenshots of all the steps needed today and lay them out in this guide with loads of helpful little notes, and by tomorrow when you come to log in things could have changed! By showing you how to do things on video, I can be bang up to date – and it’s MUCH easier for me to update any steps online than it is to go in and change this guide. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need. Use these videos to get yourself set up and ready! First off we need to sign up to one of my recommended altcoin broker sites, called Here we can purchase almost all the altcoin I recommend to buy and all of “The Big Three” I’ve covered in the special report. In the next video I show you how to sign up to the site and introduce you to the ‘order books’ were you will do all your trading.

Tutorial 2 – Signing up to Cryptopia and an Introduction to the order books. You can watch this video via this link: Next you need to be able to send you newly acquired Bitcoin from Coinbase over to Cryptopia so you can then start buying those precious altcoins. I show you a great trick to do this for zero fees using Coinbase’s sister site [As you should have already signed up for a Coinbase account the next step really is simple. Weirdly, lots of people entering the Crypto world are completely oblivious to this platform!]. Tutorial 3 – Sending BTC from Coinbase with zero fees using You can watch the video via this link.

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