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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

Now we have signed up to

Now we have signed up to Cryptopia and loaded our account with Bitcoin, we can now go ahead and buy our first Big 3 Altcoin. In the next video I will show you exactly how to do this and also show you how to send your bitcoins back to your Coinbase wallet once you have sold the altcoin for profit. You can watch the video via this link. Tutorial 4 – Buying Expanse (EXP) at Cryptopia using Bitcoins Next I introduce to one of my other favourite altcoin sites called Binance.

This is another altcoin site you can find the rest of my picks that are not available on Cryptopia. I show you how to sign up, deposit your bitcoin and buy and sell Altcoins using the Binance order book system. Tutorial 4 – Introduction to Binance (Navigating the site). You can watch the video via this link. Once you have signed up and understand how to buy and sell altcoins along with storing bitcoins in your Coinbase wallet, I now need to show you how you can secure all the sites you use with a method called 2 factor authentication. (2FA). This is very important to keep your coins safe from hackers and other factors. I cover this in more detail in the next tutorial. Tutorial 5 – Setting up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). I hope the tutorials you have watched so far have been helpful in getting you ready (and set) to enter what I believe is the most exciting market place in 2018 and beyond.

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