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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

Tutorial 5 – Setting

Tutorial 5 – Setting up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) You can watch the video via this link: Okay, well done! If you’ve gone through all those videos and have followed all the steps you’ll be the proud owner of the ‘Next Big 3’ cryptos! Just make sure you sign up to The Crypto Hotwire group, where I’ll keep you updated on all of them. So - what next?

CHAPTER 5 You’re in! Well, by now you have everything you need to take your first steps into this world. Hopefully, by now you’re reading this with a Bitcoin account set up, securely and safely, with a little bit of ‘seed’ cash in it, ready to start. And you may well already have got into my first Altcoin recommendations in your free guide. If so - great. You might just be part the next great Altcoin blast off! So, what next? My first piece of advice to you would be: Don’t take on too much before you really feel like you’ve got to grips with this. Start small, don’t risk anything you’re not comfortable with, and just build things up slowly. Trading like this should be FUN - don’t ruin it by risking too much before you’ve really got your head around things. This guide is all about setting up the accounts you need so you can get into your first coins. That’s it. But there’s so much more on offer in the crypto world, and that’s where my Hotwire bulletins come in… Make sure you join me on The Crypto Hotwire ASAP! There are two reasons you need to join The Crypto Hotwire circle on Facebook… First off, I’m on there A LOT. So if you want to ask me a question about anything, that’s where to do it! I’m really happy to help. Secondly, I will post all of my personal recommendations on the Hotwire.

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