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Crypto Profit Plan - Q2

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CHAPTER 1 The crucial differences between Bitcoin and normal currencies I’m sure you just want to get your accounts set up and get your coins bought! But I think it really is important to understand a little bit about the crypto world, so you KNOW what this world is about and what you’re getting into. Of course, if you think “Just shut up and tell me how to buy cryptos!” you can race straight ahead to Chapters 3 and 4 (and I won’t be offended – honest!). Chapter 3 will show you how to buy Bitcoin. Chapter 5 will show you how to use Bitcoin to buy any other crypto (which is where we make our money). But if you’re interested, stick around for a while and let me explain how Bitcoin works and where it came from. A brief history of Bitcoin Bitcoin is a form of digital currency known as crypto currency. It’s created and held electronically. It is also what is known as ‘decentralised’ - which means no one controls it. Bitcoins are not printed like pounds or dollars, instead they are produced by many people across the world using computers that use software to solve mathematical problems. Like normal everyday currencies, Bitcoin can be used to buy things electronically online... However, Bitcoin is unique and very different to conventional money because it is decentralised. This means no single institution controls the Bitcoin network and also means no large bank can control your money.

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