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How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock 13 Steps

How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock 13

How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: 13 Steps Follow By yehole13 Download Favorite Featured Write an Instructable Login | Sign Up Classes Contests Community Teachers advertisement HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM VINYL RECORD CLOCK Home > Decoratingby yehole13 Follow 182.649 113 7 Posted Feb. 14, 2013 | advertisement Tired of your analog being analogous to every other clock on the market? Sick of those stacks of records you just have lying around the house? Well worry no more! With the same amount of time and money as seeing a movie on Saturday night, you can create a fun and unique timepiece that will bring some funky flair to your bland walls. Whether you are an experienced hobbyist or a novice tinkerer, this project will prove to be both challenging and enjoyable![16/02/2018 19:35:58]

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