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How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock 13 Steps


How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: 13 Steps second record and the clock hands. Doing this step early in the process will allow the paint to dry while you finish the remainder of the clock. *Tips - You can use various types of paint for this step. I chose acrylic paint because I like the brushed texture it leaves on both the background and the hands. However, not all types of paints will apply well to the materials used in this project so be sure to read the label before purchasing! Add Tip V Ask Question | Comment Download Step 6: Create the Design[16/02/2018 19:35:58]

How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: 13 Steps 1) After you set the background and hands aside to dry, sketch your desired design onto the record using a pen or marker. Colored sharpies work especially well for this. *Tips- Try first creating your design on plain white paper and then laying the cutout on the record. The white paper will allow you to trace your design while also visualizing what the finished product will look like. Add Tip V Ask Question | Comment Download Step 7: Cut the Vinyl[16/02/2018 19:35:58]

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