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Diggin' Up Roots of AALDERS


Descendants of Elaine Aalders* Generation 1 1. ELAINE 1 AALDERS* . She married TIMOTHY MUIR. Timothy Muir and Elaine Aalders* had the following children: i. TYLER 2 MUIR. ii. BRANDEN MUIR. 1

Descendants of Elsie Emelyne Aalders* Generation 1 1. ELSIE EMELYNE 1 AALDERS* 1 was born on 01 Jan 1876 in Aaldersville, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 1-2 . She died on 12 May 1963 in Blanchard Fraser Memorial Hospital, Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada 1-2 . She married Isaiah Hatchard, son of William "Thomas" Hatchard and Barbara (Elizabeth) Wamboldt, on 06 Jul 1893 in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (New), New Ross, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia 1 . He was born on 17 Mar 1869 1-2 . He died on 13 Aug 1954 in Aaldersville, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 1-2 . Sources 1 The Brothers Huls/Hiltz, Compiled by Vernon S. Keddy. 2 Cemetery Inscriptions taken by Angela Horsfall. 2

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