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Stephen Pierce on How To Never Give Up Welcome to this edition of The Success Sculpting Coach featuring “How To Never Give Up: Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope,” and how to build levels of persistence and perseverance to stay in a winning game.

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up Think about it; 250 guys enter training saying, “I’m going to be a Navy Seal.” And at the end of the day, about 20 or 30 are left when the others start ringing the bell that indicates, “I quit.” The difference is not physical. Training information indicates that the soldier’s physical body is the first to succumb to training challenges. Those who become part of any Special Ops Team are the ones with the mental toughness to overcome the physical pain. Like an old warrior, his spirit is fearless, yet the body trembles when it experiences levels of anxiety and pain. Fearlessness occurs at the spiritual level, where there’s an unwavering commitment to do whatever 10 | P a g e

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up is necessary to succeed, regardless of physical pain or anxiety. The process of becoming successful is about snatching what you want from obstacles in your path. It’s like trying to figure a way to disarm a bear trap without tripping the trap on your hand. Life is an obstacle course, and how well you do is based on how successfully you can navigate obstacles. If your perspective is that they shouldn’t exist, then you will be in shock when they appear. Obstacles aren’t necessarily the problem. It’s how you negotiate around or through them that matters. 11 | P a g e

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