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Stephen Pierce on How To Never Give Up Welcome to this edition of The Success Sculpting Coach featuring “How To Never Give Up: Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope,” and how to build levels of persistence and perseverance to stay in a winning game.

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up Many people are slaves to what they feel, and then find themselves trying to clean up a mess because they allowed their feelings “in the moment” to deceive them. You don’t have to be a victim of deception, either your own or someone else’s. You can shake off negative feelings with positive reactions. Instead of thinking in hindsight, “I would have done it differently,” imagine, “What would happen if I do this?” There is no question that emotions are extremely powerful, which is why you need to tame them (active approach) and not be tamed by them (passive approach). Realistic Expectations Winning positions are built over time, not overnight. It’s about your expectations. 14 | P a g e

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up Suppose you like gardening and see other people’s beautiful fields of vegetables and fruits, and think, “I’m going to do that!” So you get more involved in gardening. Then you hear some people complain that they don’t have a garden, but they neglect to tell you that they planted nothing. They expect to reap the rewards for something when they made no investment in anything. Then there are gardeners who complain about what they do have. “Why in the world do I have these strawberries?” They wanted watermelons but got strawberries. The obvious question is, “What did you put into the ground? Did you plant watermelon seeds or strawberry seeds?” And then there are those who plant seeds 15 | P a g e

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