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Stephen Pierce on How To Never Give Up Welcome to this edition of The Success Sculpting Coach featuring “How To Never Give Up: Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope,” and how to build levels of persistence and perseverance to stay in a winning game.

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up in the garden today and ask tomorrow, “Where’s my garden?” Even a Chia Pet takes time! What are your expectations? Are you disoriented about them? Do you expect that what you want to happen can happen faster than the natural process dictates? Proper orientation is a prelude to perseverance and persistence. For example, the human pregnancy process is generally nine months; it’s a fact of nature. No one would ever think that a woman can be pregnant and deliver a healthy, full-term baby in three months. It’s just not feasible. You can apply this same principle to weight loss programs or to building that business you’ve always wanted. 16 | P a g e

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up Whatever your goals may be, your expectations of what it will take in terms of time, energy and money might be mismatched with reality. Every sports team knows it takes X number of games over X number of months to get to (and win!) the championship round. They won’t bail out in mid-season, thinking, “Man, this is taking too long!” No way. They know how long it will take and what they must do to get there. Remember, the quantity, quality and focus of behaviors depends on expectations and timelines, and it all can come crumbling down if you rely on improper orientations of how long parts of the process will take. 17 | P a g e