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Stephen Pierce on How To Never Give Up Welcome to this edition of The Success Sculpting Coach featuring “How To Never Give Up: Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope,” and how to build levels of persistence and perseverance to stay in a winning game.

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up In life and in business, if you fail to give yourself options to change as the environment changes, you become extinct. Blockbusters suffered at the hands of Redbox and Netflix because it didn’t adapt. Why is the music industry a servant to iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and all those other companies? It was so fixated on what was that it was blind to what could be. And it didn’t change. Amazon didn’t create book buying; it wasn’t even the first online bookstore. But it did have the best model and recently represents over 80% of all online book buying. In the 2000’s decade, when many tech companies had outrageous valuations and went bust, Amazon lost millions of dollars every year for over five years. 20 | P a g e

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up But it understood that success happens over time, not overnight. It endured, knowing that it takes intestinal fortitude, perseverance and persistence to bounce back. Plenty of critics wrote them off, but Amazon didn’t buy into that option. Instead, they mastered their processes and excelled at them. Who is writing you off. Go ahead and let them waste their ink, paper and time. I tell people, listen, “if you want to write me off, go ahead, but you better write it in pencil and have your eraser ready.” 21 | P a g e

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