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Stephen Pierce on How To Never Give Up Welcome to this edition of The Success Sculpting Coach featuring “How To Never Give Up: Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope,” and how to build levels of persistence and perseverance to stay in a winning game.

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up At the end of the day, if you don’t write yourself off, then it doesn’t matter what is coming out at the end of other people’s pens, pencils and tongues. When someone wants to write you off, ask yourself, “where did they learn to write you or anyone off?” Chances are it started with them writing themselves off, and like all socialites, they are looking for company. Don’t join them. If they want to bet against you winning and succeed. It’s their money to lose. I’ll take a bet against me any day, because no one’s money is longer than my lion like attitude and relentless determination and willingness to screw everything up to figure out how to get it right. 22 | P a g e

ong>Stephenong> ong>Pierceong> on How To Never Give Up Never bet against a hungry determined person with nothing to lose. Now, on the subject of what you “think” you have to lose, I’ll save that for another time.

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