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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Ki Ki shiny flexible

Ki Ki shiny flexible leaves older leaves turn yellow giving the flowers stalk energy to grow white or red berries Taro taro splash when picked out of the water taro bake when put in the fire by M.J Ki uses for wrapping food can be use for roofs people make necklace Ki grows everywhere in gardens,in forest found in moist gardens about 3 to 12 feet high leaves grow about 4 inches root can be thick grows on sunlight and planted vertically by Stephany

Ki You grow in wet lush forest. People use your green leafs for wrapping food. I think your needs are water, food, sun, and air. you are like green paper. Wow! Lets plant a plant like that! Ki Ipu Made from ground Moon looks like an egg, Grows where it’s dry When farmers plant seeds Gourd is a different name for ipuu used for bowls, bottled, drums Musical instrument Hula implement song maker Holds things up Gourds represents earth by Jonas by Aiden

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