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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Kukui Kukui grows at

Kukui Kukui grows at near the beaches. Trees need sunlight and water. Leaves help the soil survive. Kukui oil is used for lighting. Kukui nut flavors food. by Hinano Maiʻa Mai`a grows everywhere in Hawaii Mai`a likes to grow in wet land, and also in farms Large green leaves Mai`a fruit bunch together with skin sticky as candy slimy when it`s young and green Sweet a Hawaiian’s favorite fruit yummy as can be in olden days women couldn’t eat any Mai`a by Jeff

Maiʻa Mai’a So yummy to eat Beautiful trees with green leaves Mai’a So green and small as they start to grow, Yellow as it continues to ripen Mai’a Growing around the wetlands, Chopping down the banana bunch Mai’a Making ‘ono banana bread for my ohana to eat Maiʻa Bananas grew in the wetland. near homes and Taro patches of their banks When a banana tree is planted in a full moon it would grow a lot of fruit Hawaiians used the big leaves and trunks for cooking Mai’a are really sweet by Taylor by Madison

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