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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Milo Milo, round and

Milo Milo, round and brown wood, that grows on trees. Milo, carved into tools, weapons and bowls. Bowls are used to eat poi. Milo, is not the only one to make bowls. Kou is too! Hawaiians made bowls out of wood to put their hair and fingernails. Milo Milo sprouts at beaches, with heart shaped leaves, leaves turn yellow then brown then fall down. Milo grows to be eight of me. Used to create bowls. Polynesians gave the plant to Hawaii. Grows everywhere except for Kahoolawe. by Samantha by Reece

Milo Come see What I found, Little balls Bumpy and round! Milo When it’s hot, Milo will be found Falling, falling To the ground Milo Anytime is great For a bowl filled with poi Playtime is great when you have a wooden toy Milo Niu This tree is very well known Grows near beaches This tree Makes tasty fruit Wait for one to fall Go ahead Eat some Coconut meat Drink the juice Good for you This tree had many uses Big Baskets Furniture, Lovely Hats and lastly Shade for hot days This tree can bend in huge winds it’s a very strong palm tree by Ckristian by Leisha

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