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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

ʻOhe ʻOhe springs up

ʻOhe ʻOhe springs up everywhere a tall tropical plant with thick light brown stems soft bright green leaves”“used for making instruments such as a gourd drum ‘ukeke and ‘ohe hano ihu the nose flute ohe is the most serviceable for instruments used for a humankind by Haley ʻOhe ‘Ohe used for making bowls, knife and rods they use the bamboo to make combs and nose flute and stamping tools by Jaymon

ʻOhe Bamboo on the school grounds and near the fire station. Stick-looking Bamboo grows lots of nodes. The leaves are skinny-looking. Bamboo is used for knives and fishing rods. Bamboo is used for stamping tapa and musical instruments. by Ryder ʻOlena ‘Olena a spicy yellow fruit has a stem to keep the leaves straight and a seeds to let it grow into a born leaf There are lots of leaves. Leaf stalks always die from fruit to fruit Grows next season in a desert or many worlds. Used as medicine from crushed root of ‘olena plant by Jayah

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