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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

ʻOlena ‘Olena is a

ʻOlena ‘Olena is a plant related to the ginger family. The roots are like human fingers the size of an adult thumb Roots underground are used for medicine and dye ‘Olena is yellow like the sun. ‘Olena is one of two dozen canoe plants that came to Hawaii. ‘Olena is rarely found today on Earth ʻOlena ‘Olena big leaves strong roots family with ginger spicy roots crushing becomes medicine when cooked becomes dark orange dye by Josiah by Olivia

Pia The Pia plant thrive in Asia and Polynesia in shady places. it has gigantic leaves root used to make medicine to stop diarrhea but also a desert mix with coconut milk Pia Pia Grows throughout Tropical Asia, Polynesia, Australia, and Africa. Made starch for food and Medicine for people The leaf upper has depressed veins. The under surface is shiny With yellow veins. End of growing season Small green and purple flowers Appear at top of pia. by Ryan by Carl

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