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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Pia Arrowroot Cure for

Pia Arrowroot Cure for Diarrhea With long flower Its name is Pia With giant leaves A bumpy smooth stalk Seed couldn’t walk As its seeds travel by wind ocean and droppings of animals ʻUala I’m ‘Uala a sweet potato. I have different colors Which are red and purple. I grow in water And dirt if fertile. You could see my life form like a sphere And my leaves are sharp as a spear. If you want to make sweet potato that are mashed it would be me. If you want toppings for food I am the one you should be. by Danish by Nathanial

ʻUala ‘Uala Grows on mountain slopes, Flatland, holes in lava. Farmers put leaves around slips for wetness. If it rains, slips would be washed away. ‘Uala color of purple and brown. Similar to yam but of different families. A good medicine and fish bait The sun and water helps the ‘uala grow. by Evelyn ʻUala ‘Uala live in mounds and wet places their leaves are heart shapes ‘Uala is an important crop used for poi the tubers are used for food ‘Uala used for floor mats by Johndel

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