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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

ʻUlu ‘Ulu grow in wet

ʻUlu ‘Ulu grow in wet valleys and Hawaiians let the ‘ulu grow wild Hawaiians pick up ‘ulu when it’s ripe and they cooked it in imu and poi ‘Ulu trees has other things to use Hawaiians used ‘ulu glue to make a canoe and sandpaper with green ‘ulu ‘Ulu grows in Hawaii, it comes big Hawaiians use the ‘ulu to eat food Wauke Wauke, Mulberry Bark grows in wet places. Brown stems hold up green leaves that fall in the wind. Wauke, used for clothing. by Kealohi by Miyah

Wauke Wauke leafy brownish and green. It’s not a little it’s a plant. Wauke grow in the ground Wauke grow right by rivers right by trees. Wauke is used for nets, bedding, and cloth. Wauke is a cool plant because it’s used for paper Wauke you’re eight feet tall you grow in wet places protected by banana leaf fences you’re used to make clothes made from bark kapa your rotten leaves of wauke feed young wauke plants by Dylan by Ryan

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