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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

‘Awa ‘Awa. Heart

‘Awa ‘Awa. Heart shaped leaves ‘Awa Black or green Joined Stems Small Like a bush ‘Awa planted in valleys ‘Awa A little sunshine Stayed wet ‘Awa ‘Awa Brown roots and Green leaves can be Used as a medicine Grows in the wild and grown in Hawaii Does not have many branches A tall shrub It can grow up to 12 feet high Tall as my baby brother Bright like a rainbow I like looking at ‘Awa because I like the color green by Makaiah ‘Awa, The root used for drink It helped the injured people by Emilee

‘Awa ‘Awa Yellow flowers Heart shaped leaves Green or black stem All different types ‘Awa Needs a little sun Green valleys Stays wet all day ‘Awa Used as a drink Make people sleepy Get relaxed Little or no pain by Keala Hala Hala Grows where the farmers let you grow wild Like a lonely cat in the forest Made into mats, hats by weaving you see Hala 20 feet tall Spread all around the ground Roots everywhere you see Hala Fruit for medicine For the people to be by Saisha

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