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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Hala Hala Grows mostly

Hala Hala Grows mostly on beaches Long green leaves A fruit that is bumpy Hala roots are long And used for medicine Hala leaves are long And used for making mats Hala Hala Green leaves grow by the ocean Woven to make Used for steam baths Fruit used as brush to paint pictures by Ry-Ann by Kelley

Hau Hau Big leaves And orange flowers Grow on the hau tree Branches of medicine Inner Bark In water Floats by itself by Kawehi Let me tell you about hau It grows with flowers Some not bloom Farmers Plant to soft soil The leaves get brown Fall Make soil richer The cycle Goes all over again Let me tell you about hau Let me tell you about hau Kites made out of wood Branches Used to make adzes Bark used for cords Cords make nets Nets hold wooden water bowls And gourds Let me tell you about hau by Keahi

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