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Canoe Plants | Lanaiʻi Elementary

Ipu Ipu grows Where it

Ipu Ipu grows Where it is hot and dry Twisty, curvy, vines Tough leaves Rounded heart shape Ipu Brown ipu Tough covering ipu Ipu used for bowls or bottles Ipu used for putting clothing into Ipu used for hula For rattles to chant Ipu Ipu Made from ground Moon looks like an egg, Grows where it’s dry When farmers plant seeds Gourd is a different name for ipuu used for bowls, bottled, drums Musical instrument Hula implement song maker Holds things up Gourds represents earth by Jiro by Talia

Kalo Kalo grows in places like South Asia, China, Japan, and Hawaii Kalo grows in patches that have lots of dirt and water sometime kalo is used as medicine we eat the kalo that we pull but first you have to cook it, clean it, then smash it by Julia Kalo Taro Taro Kalo Kalo Eaten by everyone Eaten at anytime Used in medicine Used in juice Taro Taro Kalo Kalo Turned into poi pounded with a poi pounder Taro Taro Kalo Kalo Cooked by men Pounded on a hollow board Taro Taro Yummy Taro by Jacob

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