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CENTRE HIGHLIGHTS Directories Centre for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research (CISIR) Neurochemical Imaging is essentially translational research that involves the use of various modalities (acquisition) and neuroimaging techniques to either directly or indirectly image the structure and function of the brain and the human body. It is a relatively new area within medicine and neuroscience/psychology. It is a sub area of biomedical imaging. CISIR is recognised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a National Higher Institution Centre of Excellence (HICoE) focusing on Neuro Chemical Imaging Under Biomedical Image Analysis as its research niche area. Centre of Innovative Nanostructures & Nanodevices (COINN) Nanomaterials present a tremendous opportunity to generate a host of new products that could energise the economy, solve major societal problems, revitalise existing industries, and create entirely new businesses. The vision of COINN at UTP is to establish a library of nanomaterials and synthesis techniques for accelerated production of innovative and beneficial commercialised products in the following areas: Energy, Environment & Electronics. Centre for Biofuel & Biochemical Research (CBBR) A variety of fuels can be produced from biomass resources. Biofuels are primarily used as vehicle fuels, but can also be used in engines or fuel cells for electricity generation. Through biofuel and biochemical research, CBBR is developing technologies to convert biomass, plant matter such as trees, grass and other materials, to fuels and materials. These biofuels will reduce the nation's dependence on fossil fuel, improve air quality and support rural economies. CO 2 Research Centre (CO 2RES) Natural gas reserves worldwide contain varying amounts of CO 2; 0 to 90% CO 2 content. In Malaysia, CO 2 content from natural gas fields varies up to 87%. High CO 2 gas fields in Malaysia represent a significant CO 2 capture and storage (CCS) opportunity. The success in the deployment of CO 2 capture technology requires sound knowledge on the fundamental and applied research in the area. CO 2RES supports industries on fundamental and applied R&D in promising capture technologies for high CO 2 gas fields. Centre for Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon Prediction (CSI) The Centre for Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon Prediction, or CSI, is dedicated to seismic imaging research. The Centre focuses on industry relevant research but also in knowledge creation and innovative research. CSI provides the connection between competencies and skills and product application for the oil and gas industry. The Centre is on a mission to deliver solution to specific exploration and production (E&P) issues, which represent a primary concern to the oil and gas industry in South East Asia. South-East Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACaRL) The South-East Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACaRL) consist of a specialist team with passion for Geology. Its projects focus on carbonate geology particularly in SE Asia. SEACaRL offers research-based subsurface characterisation, modelling and training. It covers the entire workflow: from description of cores and well logs to conceptual and geocellular models. Assoc Prof Dr M Naufal M Saad Director, CISIR +605 368 7880 Nadira Nordin Manager, CISIR +605 368 7888 Prof Dr Norani Muti Mohamed Director, COINN +605 368 8220 Dr Veeradasan Perumal Postdoctoral Researcher, COINN +605 368 8022 Prof Dr Yoshimitsu Uemura Head, CBBR +605 368 7644 Hazlien Zainuddin Administrative Assistant, CBBR +605 368 7645 Prof Dr Azmi Mohd Shariff Head, CO 2RES +605 368 7570 Fateh Hakeem M Fauzi Research Officer, CO 2RES +605 368 7532 Prof Dr Deva Prasad Ghosh Head, CSI +605 368 7033 Yasir Bashir Research Scientist, CSI +605 368 7102 Prof Dr Michael C Poppelreiter Head, SEACaRL +605 368 7053 Noor Nazira Nazari Executive, SEACaRL +605 368 7046 14 4UTP RESEARCH NEWSLETTER

Centre of Research in Enhanced Oil Recovery (COREOR) Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is defined as any method that increases oil production by using techniques or materials that are not part of normal pressure maintenance or waterflooding operations. COREOR follows this definition in research carried out by its team members. The team gives priority to enhancement of WAG applications by implementing modified chemicals synthesised from local sources and nanomaterials developed by UTP researchers. Centre for Automotive Research & Electrical Mobility (CAREM) The Centre of Automotive Research and Electrical Mobility (CAREM) is focused on novel solutions by innovating new fuel and propulsion systems to generate clean energy. CAREM develops technology in-house which includes designing, prototyping/fabrication and testing. CAREM was conceptualised from the outcome of UTP R&D Masterplan in 2002 which outlined transportation as one of the focus areas of research and development for the University. Centre of Research in Ionic Liquids (CORIL) Ionic liquids are variously called liquid electrolytes, ionic melts, ionic fluids, fused salts, liquid salts, or ionic glasses. They are powerful solvents, electrically conducting at near-ambient temperature and have many potential applications. The objectives of CORIL are to develop new potential ionic liquids and possible technologies required for their development in various industrial applications. Gas Separation Research Centre (GSRC) Natural gas from reservoirs is a mixture of oil, condensate, water and gas which needs to be separated prior to transmission to onshore facilities. There is a need to assist industries to develop proprietary technologies, and thus gain the competitive advantage in the field of natural gas processing. GSRC was created for the purpose of emulating top-side operations of an oil and gas platform, in particular the gas separation and dehydration process. Centre for Corrosion Research (CCR) The Centre for Corrosion Research provides a comprehensive solution to corrosion problems through a multi-disciplinary approach. The CCR is well-equipped to perform corrosion research and testing in the areas of corrosion in the oil and gas industry for both upstream and downstream. Upstream corrosion studies including CO 2 corrosion with the presence of other acid gases. Research in downstream including plant corrosion, corrosion under insulation (CUI), process-related corrosion and others. Centre of Social Innovation (CoSI) Social Innovation refers to a novel solution to a social problem that is effective, efficient, and sustainable for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. CoSI provides support to identify and develop core research agenda and capabilities in the fundamental and advanced domains related to intelligent cities, from the social and humanities dimension - Social, Economics and Behavioural studies. Offshore Engineering Centre (OEC) Offshore industry is a relatively recent Industry that has rapidly expanded during the last 60 years. Challenges in the industry can only be synthesised and solved by upgrading and enhancing offshore engineering knowledge. OEC is an emerging research consultancy centre. It is active in the support of local industries and professional bodies, in building competencies and promoting migration of onshore-based companies to the offshore industry. Assoc Prof Dr Ismail Saaid Head, COREOR +605 368 7044 Nurul Hanis Mohd Ramalan Research Scientist, COREOR +605 368 7073 Prof Dr Abd Rashid Abd Aziz Head, CAREM +605 368 7157 Dr Firmansyah Research Scientist, CAREM +605 368 8102 Assoc Prof Dr Cecilia Devi Wilfred Head, CORIL +605 368 7635 Dr Magaret Sivapragasam Postdoctoral Researcher, CORIL +605 368 7702 Assoc Prof Dr Fakhruldin Mohd Hashim Head, GSRC +605 368 7002 Nor Azlin Mat Zaki Research Scientist, GSRC +605 368 8184 Assoc Prof Ir Dr Mokhtar Che Ismail Head, CCR +605 368 8300 Mohd Fauzi Abdul Karim Research Scientist, CCR +605 368 8304 Assoc Prof Dr Shahrina Md Nordin Head, CoSI +605 368 8686 Dr Mumtaz Ali Memon Research Scientist, CoSI +605 368 8365 Prof Ir Dr Mohd Shahir Liew Head, OEC +605 368 7117 / 8484 Lim Eu Shawn Manager, OEC +605 368 7301 UTP RESEARCH NEWSLETTER 15

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