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Beyond Borders, An International Online English Magazine that promotes Compassion, Companionship and camaraderie across borders of nations, religions, politics and color, is edited and published by Sujil Chandra Bose for BIGG PUSH, A Concepts company based in UAE, India and USA


BEYOND BORDERS FORGIVE LITERATURE | SHORT STORY DR. MAYA PRADEEP, BANGALORE It was the month of April. The sun strong and the atmosphere was very hot. Still the court room was fully crowded. People were anxious to hear the judgement. Finally the decisive moment came. The judge read the verdict. "The accused Neeraj Verma is sentenced for ten years rigorous imprisonment for attempt to murder of an innocent man. There was stunning silence. Anjali heaved a sigh of relief. Few seconds passed, and she could hear whispers and a few fingers pointing towards her. They were holding her responsible for the verdict. Someone said, "This is the age of woman empowerment. A woman can do anything and men are easy victims; after all he loved her. Muddling between sense and sentiment, Anjali’s brain was unable to think anything. She left with her mom who had accompanied her . Lying on her couch and staring at the white ceiling, she tried recollecting the transition of the accused man Neeraj from a employee to a lover. She remembered the day very well when she was looking for a experienced hand to manage the trading and export sector of the business she was running successfully and had put up an ad in the newspaper. It was 4 pm when the clock on the wall struck and the security guard came in `Madam..there’s a gentleman wanting to meet you’' She asked him to send him in. In came a tall, dark handsome young man with a mysterious charm in his eyes. He introduced himself as Neeraj Verma. He has been working in a brokerage firm and had to quit due to some health issues. He had a short life span as he was ailing with some incurable rare disease and wanted to do something for his mother before he died. He needed this job desperately. He seemed disturbed but looked ambitious enough. She felt sad and hired him. Anjali got very busy during the following months and was travelling on work. On her return, she found Neeraj had done a lot of work in her absence and she was very impressed. He was not only good at work but was an impressive speaker and was able to manage the clients and increase the business. Anjali was happy with her decision on hiring him. Days and months passed and suddenly Anjali could smell a change in his approach towards her. He tried every opportunity to be close to Anjali and behaved as he was in a position of a partner rather than an employee. Anjali’s husband Deepak who infact was a partner in the company also noticed the changebut asked her to ignore it . The year end was approaching and the company planned a pleasure trip to a resort in Coorg. It was 24th December and every member on the trip was having fun. Anjali was sitting alone near the beautiful lake enjoying the nature with her delicate feet immersed in the clean water. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked back and was surprised to find Neeraj there. In his deep voice he said, "Anjali, I want to tell you something ”. Anjali in her pleasant mood asked him to go ahead. Neeraj said , "I love you madly and I can’t live without you. I joined this company only because I wanted to be close to you and now I want you in my life. I lied that I have a disease.” Anjali was shocked and could not believe what she just heard. She shouted at Neeraj and walked away in hurry. She went to her room. She wanted to be alone. That evening when the entire group was enjoying a bonfire outside, Neeraj offered to make a drink for Anjali’s husband Deepak. Just when Deepak was about to have a sip , a waiter came running and pushed away the drink from Deepak’s hand . The waiter nervously informed that he saw Neeraj emptying a bottle of poison to Deepak’s drink. Everyone was shocked. Anjali was horror struck. There was a hue & cry. Neeraj tried to escape the scene but was nabbed immediately. Neeraj was taken into custody. Just when the police handcuffed him, Neeraj screamed,`"Yes I did it. I want to kill Deepak. I love her and I need her!” He had no remorse. The lawyers ensured that Neeraj got the deserving punishment. She heaved a sigh of relief. A couple of years later, she wanted to forgive Neeraj. She appealed for clemency for Neeraj so he could get a second opportunity to lead a normal life. Neeraj's sentence was reduced by the court and was freed. She felt a greater relief now, a heavy baggage has been removed from her back. She felt better and stronger now. To forgive someone who wasn’t sorry for his act made her feel contended.

BEYOND BORDERS THE BEST VACATION LITERATURE | SHORT STORY FLAVIAN ABE SAM, ABUDHABI I am going to take you on an adventure of ‘The best vacation I have ever had”. I traveled all over India during my school holidays. My adventure began in Kerala down south of India. There I stayed in a houseboat. You should have been there! The waves rocked the boat gently, the warm sun and the breeze made the temperature just right. In the evening I did some fishing. I didn’t catch any fish though. The next day we went to a waterfall. I swam in the river near it. The water was cold but refreshing. It was indeed an amazing experience. A few days later we went to Lucknow to visit my grandparents. I played with them and read lots of story books there. I visited all my relatives and enjoyed all the yummy food they cooked for me. I even learnt how to climb a tree! I felt very happy and relaxed. New places equal new knowledge. So, I went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. You can call this Mahal ‘A Tomb’, ‘A Wonder of the world” or ‘The Pride of India”, in fact it is all three! It is the tomb of the Queen Mumtaz Mahal, the fourth wonder of the world and India’s pride. It was built by King Shah Jahan (of the Mughal Dynasty) in memory of his beloved wife. He built it in a way that it could not be destroyed by nature. The pillars are leaning outwards with respect to the Taj Mahal so in case of earthquake the pillars will fall outwards and not inwards leaving the building standing strong. It is one of the most mesmerizing and majestic places that I have ever seen. Jaipur, the pink city, is the place I went to next. I saw many forts and palaces there. The City palace and Hawa Mahal there had lovely architecture and paintings. I liked the Nahargarh or Tiger Fort the most. It was 2200 feet above ground level. With lots of places and tricks to defend the fort or city it certainly is an enemy’s nightmare come to reality. I had lots of fun running around the fort. This was one of the best vacations I could have ever asked for! Now it’s time to end the adventure, besides it’s getting too long, don’t you think? And for people who want adventure, I am sure you would have loved to be me!!