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2017 Campbell Primary School Annual Report CAMPBELL PRIMARY SCHOOL Financial Summary as at 31 December 2017 Voluntary Contributions The School Board approved voluntary contributions for 2017 were set at $60.00 per child, which is the maximum allowed by the School Education Act 1999. Year Enrolment Numbers Percentage Paid Revenue Collected 2015 910 $37,617 69% 2016 804 $31,435 65% 2017 760 $29,753 69% Revenue received from voluntary contributions in the 2017 school year is comparative with previous years. This year the school established a number of strategies to promote the payment of the contributions: statements, contribution percentage totals advised each newsletter, payment through QKR!, Eftpos and Direct Deposit. After School Board discussion the 2018 Voluntary Contributions and charges flyer displays photographic evidence of how payment of these valuable funds support the school’s programmes. This photographic evidence has also been published on the school’s revamped website. Financial Managment Data The revenue in 2017 decreased by some $76 000 since 2015 which is reflective of the reduction in student enrolment numbers. This reduction is due to new schools opening within local suburbs, the local intake area is more established and transiency is more stable. The school therefore is more mindful of budgeting and ensuring that funds are distributed to support the school’s Business Plan’s targets and priorities. The two most significant contributions to the Locally Raised Funds are voluntary contributions and the Deed of License for Helping Hands Network Pty Ltd - the out of school care provider. Expenditure patterns remain relatively consistent with previous years. Materials to support the school’s education programs are by far the largest areas of expenditure. This is followed by the cost of utilities and facilities maintenance and upgrades. In 2017 the installation of the nature play area, with the financial support of the P&C was a valuable investment in Building and Infrastructure. A middle to upper school nature play commenced construction with completion expected February 2018. The Early childhood classrooms were refurbished with flooring, furniture and painting with this expenditure being part of the school’s reserve funding plan. Year Enrolment Numbers Operating Grant Locally Raised Funds Total Funds Available 2015 910 $7,142,076 $212,438 $7,354,514 2016 804 $6,652,163 $197,600 $6,849,763 2017 760 $6,444,757 $147,354 $6,592,111 32

CAMPBELL PRIMARY SCHOOL Financial Summary as at 21 January 2018 Revenue - Cash Budget Actual 1 Voluntary Contributions $29,640.00 $29,753.50 2 Charges and Fees $112,582.00 $112,692.00 3 Fees from Facilities Hire $73,809.12 $71,185.36 4 Fundraising/Donations/Sponsorships $17,323.00 $17,882.50 5 Commonwealth Govt Revenues - - 6 Other State Govt/Local Govt Revenues $750.00 $1,750.00 7 Revenue from Co, Regional Office and Other Schools $4,200.00 $5,622.36 8 Other Revenues $43,659.88 $46,368.44 9 Transfer from Reserve or DGR - $50,000.00 10 Residential Accommodation - - 11 Farm Revenue (Ag and Farm Schools only) - - 12 Camp School Fees (Camp Schools only) - - Total Locally Raised Funds $281,964.00 $335,254.16 Opening Balance $158,155.00 $158,155.54 Student Centred Funding $326,793.40 $326,793.40 Total Cash Funds Available $766,912.40 $820,203.10 - Total Salary Allocation $6,021,080.00 $6,021,080.00 Total Funds Available $6,787,992.40 $6,841,283.10 Current Year Actual Cash Sources Contingencies Revenue - Budget vs Actual Other Govt Grants 1% Transfers from Reserves 8% Student Centred Funding 49% $000 Budget Actual 120 100 80 60 40 20 Other 7% Locally Raised Funds 35% 0 Voluntary Contributions Charges and Fees Fees from Facilities Hire Fundraising/Donations/Sponsorships Commonwealth Govt Revenues Other State Govt/Local Govt Revenues Revenue Source Revenue from Co, Regional Office and... Other Revenues Transfer from Reserve or DGR Residential Accommodation Farm Revenue (Ag and Farm Schools only) Camp School Fees (Camp Schools only) 33

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