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Zeta Clear Review

Consuming these meals will improve PGE1 levels, which will in turn inhibit the formation of PGE2, a single of the inflammatory prostaglandins. The bodily enzymes included in creating prostaglandins and arachidonic acid metabolites are of great importance with regard to the use of anti-inflammatory medication.

Zeta Clear

Zeta Clear Review Cheeseburgers, or more specifically, the typical cheeseburger meal with the accompanying fries and a Coke, are an accurate metaphor for the dangers inherent in the Standard American Diet (SAD). This diet, heavy in protein, carbohydrates and heated oils produces an acidic residue upon metabolism by the body. Science tells us that the natural, healthy state of the human body is alkaline, which means a blood Ph of about 7.365. The Ph is a measure of the acid/akaline balance in the body. The unique marvel that we call the human body, demands an alkaline state to function correctly. So what happens when almost everything we eat or drink produces acid, eventually tipping the body's Ph levels to a reading of 7 (acidic) and below.? These acid fluids in your body burn and damage all components of the body, from impairing electrical signals between various parts of the body, to causing the immune system to malfunction. Among other horrors, this SAD cheeseburger diet is thought to be one of the most common causes of cancer. This is how it works and what you can do about it. In the high acid, low oxygen environment produced in our bodies by the Standard American Diet, certain enzymes in the mitochondria of the cells, which are the furnaces where oxygen is burned and converted to energy for the cell, break down or become denatured. This is enough to kill most cells, but certain cells for reasons that are not clear, revert to a primitive nutritional program to sustain themselves. In the absence of sufficient oxygen, they produce energy by converting glucose to energy via fermentation. One of the by-products of fermentation is lactic acid. This acid adds to the current acid load and further lowers the cell pH and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division and the cells begin to multiply unchecked. In other words, become cancerous. The acid simultaneously causes intense local pain.

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