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Because Europe is great

Because Europe is great I decided that I had to discover all his beauties.And how I can do that?By taking a vacation in many countries. DAY 1:1 st of march I decided to start my trip with London,the heart of the UK.When I first visited London, in 2014, I found Big ben as being very impressive, but this time I realised that everything in that city is great and unforgettable.You can visit London Bridge, The London Eye,Westminister ABBy, Buckingam Palace and you can relax in special areas as St james park or Central park,a little imitation of the one in New York

DAY 2-4 th of march I decided that I had to do something productive besides travelling, so I went to Venlo, in Holland, to visit my future law university.The campus is great and they even have a chatolic church in the garden.Isn’t that great?I had also visited the old town but it didn’t impressed me.What I was expecting?4 days ago I was in London,the most historical city I have ever been to.

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