8 months ago


DAY 3-6 th I was tired

DAY 3-6 th I was tired of travelling far away, so I went to Germany, in Koln, at 100 km of Venlo.The city is very impressive because it represents a perfect combination between old buildings,as The Kolner Dom, and new skysrapers.The church is very big and it was built near 1600.It looks like the dom from Milano or as Sagrada Familia.

DAY 4-6 TH OF MARCH I fell in love with Germany so I decided to spend 3 more days there.Another day, another city.Neuss is a small city,with shopping malls and great underground stations.I was in a shopping center(rheinpark neuss) and somebody told me that after the underground in London was built, Neuss took its model.Isn t that great?

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