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Certifying Multiple Companies Under One Legal Entity of ISO 9001 2015

Advantages and

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Entities One Scope Advantages One of the advantages of acquiring multi legal entities under one ISO 9001 Quality Management System is that you get to save money spent on multiple certification fees. Additionally, you save a lot of time and money on the various QMS processes, because otherwise, the same process has to be repeated for each company location. By executing all the task such as documentation, maintenance of resources, mitigating QMS opportunities and risks, you will also have the opportunity to prepare your management of different companies for QMS altogether. Disadvantages Every coin has two sides, thus having multiple entities under one scope comes with its share of drawbacks. By including all the products, locations and services under one scope, it might be possible that you are making things confusing for customers as well as potential investors. If you think that the wide range of products and services might be confusing to your audience, then it is better to opt for a separate entity for your companies. This will ensure that your functioning areas are listed in an organized manner for your customers to understand. Before acquiring an ISO 9001 certificate, it is important to understand how your scope will define the companies related to each other. Whether the scenario is beneficial for you or your certification capabilities are perplexing to the audience. There is no thumb rule to determine the scope of the certification as it depends on the nature of the organization, thus you need

to evaluate your options, perhaps get an expert guidance from an ISO consultant and then select the most beneficial certification.

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Certifying Multiple Companies Under One Legal Entity of ISO 9001 2015
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