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Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats | Arctic-Store

Russian company from Saint-Petersburg was founded by Alex & Katja Romanov. Our store is online since 2007 and since there presented on different platforms (Ebay, Amazon and Etsy). Company is well known under several registered trademarks ® ARKTIKA, ® Arctic-Store. There is a branch in United States, CT and United Kingdom, Coventry. We are looking for partners in European and American countries. If you have a store and you are looking for Russian original furs, let us know. Feel free to communicate with us using Contact us information.

Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats |

Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats | Arctic-Store Time changes, the hats are now regarded as modern and unique apparel. The hats with fashionable designs are the target of the new generation. During winter people buy clothes that prevent cold and keep them warm. Fur hat are a popular wear during this season, and they are made of furry animal hides, there are many types of hats, but this type is a special one. They make you look fashionable and make your cold days more bearable by keeping you warm. There are a lot of hats which get designed in many ways to suit the wearer's tastes and styles. The hats are very fashionable, comfortable and durable.

Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats | Arctic-Store
Russian Fur Hats & Fur Accessories for winter | Arctic-Store
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