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Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats | Arctic-Store

Russian company from Saint-Petersburg was founded by Alex & Katja Romanov. Our store is online since 2007 and since there presented on different platforms (Ebay, Amazon and Etsy). Company is well known under several registered trademarks ® ARKTIKA, ® Arctic-Store. There is a branch in United States, CT and United Kingdom, Coventry. We are looking for partners in European and American countries. If you have a store and you are looking for Russian original furs, let us know. Feel free to communicate with us using Contact us information.


Real fur gets found rarely, and they are very costly. The fur stole is got from animals like fox, rabbits, beaver, cats, dogs, coyotes and mink. Other hats get made with local materials, mostly known as fake fur. Mink fur hat have been a classic style that never ages, for they get made from quality mink fur. They are thick and dense and come in different colors black, brown, white and cream. Depending on what look and style you go for a fur collar can match perfectly. You can go for a simple hat, without flaps and let your hair loose and furnish your look with statement earrings. The caps match well with any outfit from jeans, skirts, dresses, tights, shorts and even trousers. They also go well with a coat in any style and boots. For a more fashion forward look go for a big fur hat with flaps and high boots. Any jacket or coat can match with a fur hat depending on one's style. A pair of earrings and a necklace will go well with this style. The big fake fur clutch with flaps is trendy and suits any apparel. They are incredibly stylish and sophisticated while keeping you warm during the cold season. Women carry around these fur cape during the winter season, and some men also wear these hats. The caps are easy to carry and most of all they are very fashionable.

A dress decorated with lace gives a glamorous look since laces are very fashionable. They look dazzling when worn in formal occasions; the lace can be embroidered with shiny details to make it more suitable if attending an extraordinary event. Putting a fur scarf on while wearing such a dress will make you have a remarkable look. The dress can also be magnificent with a lacy back.

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Winter Fur Hat | Russian fur hats | Arctic-Store
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