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TOTT 15 March 2018

2 Talk of the Town

2 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 15, 2018 Report reckless liquor trading CRIMEBRIEFS IN AN endeavour to root out irresponsible alcohol trading in the Eastern Cape, the Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) has introduced a WhatsApp number (076-403-6223) for Eastern Cape residents to report instances of irresponsible trading in their respective areas. Cases of irresponsible trading include, among other things, selling to underage people, trading beyond regulated trading hours, selling to visibly intoxicated people, selling to pregnant women, playing loud music, lack of proper security on the premises and blocking of driveways by the patrons, the ECLB explained in a media statement this week. “ECLB views reckless trading with a serious light, and intends empowering communities with more platforms to report liquor outlets that are disruptive and flout their trading conditions. There is also growing concern of the mushrooming of illegal outlets in our province, which certainly contributes to the proliferation of criminal activities and other related social ills. We therefore seek to create a culture of activism within our communities and promote awareness of their rights in relation to liquor trading in their respective areas,” the ECLB said. Everyone who sells alcohol without a valid liquor licence is contravening the law and community members are urged to report such occurrence using this WhatsApp number. The Eastern Cape Liquor Act requires that when one applies for a liquor licence one must serve a Form 2 notice to the ward councillor of the area where the premises are situated. Upon receipt of the form, the ward councillor must convene a community consultation meeting to discuss the application. Members of the community have the right to object to the application for a liquor outlet in their area if they deem it undesirable based on their reasons. In this case, it is also expected that members ¿ 29 Miles St, Port Alfred PO Box 2871, Port Alfred, 6170 046 624 4356 / Fax: 046 624 2293 Mauneen Charter, Sonja Raasch, Anneli Hanstein, Jon Houzet, ĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĐŽĂ ΛĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĞĐ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶŶĚůĂŵďĞ of the community are bound to know about a liquor outlet as they would have been part of the public participation as convened by the ward councillor. The same form must also be served to every governing body of every educational institution and place of worship within a radius of 100m from the premises in respect of which the application for registration is made. “The introduction of the WhatsApp number is ECLB’s serious endeavour to enforce compliance with liquor trading conditions by ensuring that people have a recourse to freely and anonymously WAITING FOR BIG ONE report irresponsible liquor trading tendencies. We urge people to utilise the number in cases where they identify these unbecoming tendencies,” the ECLB said. The W h at s A p p number is 076-403-6223 and is available 24 hours. RODS UP: Port Alfred Rock and Surf anglers had a great time fishing from Riet River to Kleinemonde West recently. A 100% release rate was recorded A BREAK-IN occurred in Westcliff Lane in Port Alfred at about 4am on March 6, with the scene being attended to by MultiSecurity officers and police. The suspect gained entry at an open bedroom window which had no burglar bars. A brown leather handbag containing an ID book, bank cards and loose change (about R20) was st o l e n . There was no clear description of the suspect. ý At about 6am on the same morning, MultiSecurity response officers apprehended a man carrying suspicious goods on Wharf Street. The man handed over the items and ran off in the direction of Nemato, pursued by security officers who were joined by the SAPS, but the suspect got away. The suspect was carrying jewellery and sneakers wrapped in a maroon-coloured p u l l o v e r. . ý Later that night, at about 2am on Thursday morning, a truck jack-knifed on the Southwell Road hill. Police and firemen were on the scene as well as towing trucks, and the obstruction was cleared. ý Another break-in occurred at about 3am on Thursday morning at the Royal Alfred Acre in Links Road. MultiSecurity response officers and police checked the premises. They could not find a point of entry, and could not get a clear description of the burglars who stole a big screen TV, a laptop, two cellphones, 2 I-pads and clothes. ý A resident in Mthathi Street, Nemato, called for assistance saying a man was causing trouble in his street. A MultiSecurity officer responded and summoned the SAPS. The Nemato SAPS station responded that they had already sent a vehicle four times to attend to the scene but would do so again. SAPS also reported the man ran away as soon as a police vehicle arrived. ý There were also multiple reports of prowlers and intruders, and dogs barking around town over the past week. MultiSecurity officers responded to each incident and checked the area, but could not find the int ruders. Talk of the Town’s cover price will increase by 10c to R5.60 from our first edition in April. As with all businesses having to factor in the 1% VAT increase into their sales, TotT’s parent company Tisoblackstar has decided that all the newspaper titles in its stable will take a 10c increase in cover price to compensate for the increase in VAT. We apologise to our readers for the inconvenience.

March 15, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 3 Consternation over traditional ritual LOUISE KNOWLES ATRADITIONAL Xhosa g at h e r i n g involving ritual sacrifice and ancestral worship alarmed residents of S a n d awa n a apartments when they stayed for the night and started a fire or shisa nyama (braai) in the dune bush at West Beach. “We are not doing anything wrong,” sangoma Constance Ndumbela said when Talk of the Town approached the group to find out what was happening. “People in Port Alfred treat us like dogs. They don’t respect Xhosa culture. We don’t know if it’s about skin colour, or rich and poor,” she said with the help of interpreter Sandile Zondani. They arrived on Tuesday night after Ndumbela had a dream in which the ancestors told her to come to Port Alfred. Ndumbela, who is also a Zionist, said she saw Jesus Christ in her dream. One of the woman in the group was learning how to become a sangoma and had to be linked to the ancestors. They performed a ritual slaughter of a goat in the sea as a sacrifice to the a n c e st o r s . “This is the only way we have to communicate with the ancestors. That and rituals like drinking traditional beer,” Zondani said. Residents summoned the police, the municipality and the fire brigade when the group started a fire to cook and eat the goat in the morning while a large pile of camping bedding was stacked on the sidewalk, which may have made residents think a permanent camp was being set up. Sandawana resident Petrus Botha said he was concerned that the sojourners would put up zozos (zinc shacks) in the bush. “We are from Grahamstown, we needed the ocean in order to perform the ritual,” said Zondani. But they said the municipality had told them they needed a permit to stay where they were camping, which they did not h av e . Ndumbela said: “We did not use our ritual drums out of respect for the residents. We are waiting for our transport to arrive and when we leave we will clean up. But they are trying to undermine our culture.”. Municipal health services official Mcingeli Madlebe, who was at the scene, said he could not comment on the issue. Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa had not commented by the time of going to press. ENJOY OUR ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET HAPPY CAMPERS: Participating in a traditional ritual at West Beach on Wednesday morning, were Grahamstown devotees, from left, Sidney Xahse, Sandile Zondani, Simbongile Tshunungwa, Thembeka Linayi and sangoma Constance Ndumbela with goat skin, a panga and traditional three-legged pot Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES Trading Hours Superspar: Mon– Sat: 8am – 7pm Sun 8am - 5pm Valid: 16 - 18 March 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 046 624 3542 | | While stocks last. WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Trading Hours Nemato Spar: Mon– Sat: 7am – 7pm Sun: 7:30am - 6pm Valid: 16 - 18 March 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 086 002 1039 | While stocks last WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Frozen Chicken Breast Fillets R59.99 Per kg Oxtail R84.99 Per kg Deli Beef Burger R15.99 Each R29.99 Each R59.99 Each Fusion Dairy Blend R29.99 Each Grapes (red or white) 500g R19.99 Each R29.99 Each Hot Cross Buns 6's R13.99 Per tray SPAR IQF Mixed R59.99 Each Score Energy Drink 500ml R7.99 Each Old Buck Gin 750ml R99.99 Each

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