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TOTT 15 March 2018

4 Talk of the Town

4 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 15, 2018 Church has fun fitness day AT THE COALFACE: DA councillor Ray Schenk visited the Ward 10 voting station at the Port Alfred Civic Centre where the Independent Electoral Commission helped Port Alfred voters to register to vote in the 2019 elections (if they are not yet registered) Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES Vo t e r s show up for re g i s t r a t i o n LOUISE KNOWLES VOTING stations were open in Nemato, Station Hill and the Civic Centre for Port Alfred residents to check if they are registered or add their names to the voter’s roll last weekend. “We were actually busier on Sunday,” said Ward 10 councillor Ray Schenk, who was at the Civic Centre polling st at i o n . Voters could check their status, register for the first time or change the place where they want to vote. Voters should register to vote in the area where they live. “People who missed the opportunity can go to the IEC office in town to check their status. As this is the only office in Ndlambe, Kenton voters must also come to Port Alfred. The office is open from 8am-4pm on Monday to Friday,” he said. Contact Schenk on 083-558-3195. Showing from Friday 16 March - Thursday 22 March R50 Adults - R40 Children (U/13). 3D Movies - R65 per person. Pensioner’s Special Wednesdays - R30 Times are subject to change due to demand. Like our FACEBOOK page and stay informed of ŵĞĂŶĚŚĞůĂĞŶĞ TK MTIKI THE Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Nemato dedicated Sunday to promoting inclusive fitness awareness which took place at Mamityi Gidana Sports Field. The atmosphere was festive as the sound of the fun and games and bright colours of the kit worn by different teams on the field attracted more people to come. Prior to the scheduled start time of the event participants were singing songs of unity and team spirit. Pastor Shalom Tyutyu said people have a responsibility to look after their health besides praying about it. “We are just trying to promote fitness awareness more than winning anything out of this event,” he said. “We believe that your health is your well-being.” He further mentioned that they are planning to make it BOOK SIGNING: Author Russell Kearney, centre, with Mike Newlands, left, and Rob Brunette of the Port Alfred Lions Club at the launch of Kear ney’s book, ‘Keep Wa l k i n g ’, at the Halyards Hotel on Saturday. Kearney is donating R25 of every copy sold to Lions Club International charity Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES It’s all systems go for the Bathurst Agricultural Show ROB KNOWLES WITH less than a month to go, it’s all systems go at the Bathurst Showgrounds in anticipation of the 110th Bathurst Agricultural Show, the province’s oldest and biggest agricultural show, taking place from April 6 to 8. The show is a major contributor to the surrounding communities. Through CHURCH PROMOTING FITNESS: The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Nemato focused on fitness awareness on Sunday. The participants were from the age of four years to pensioners Picture: TK MTIKI an annual event. Participants were from four years old to pensioners. Participants were divided into four groups, each group wearing a unique kit colour – yellow, blue, white and red. The competition was fair in that there was no age or gender advantage in one team over another. People participated according to their age and gender. Grannies battled on 50m distance where they put a 10 the show the Bathurst Agricultural Society (BAS) is able to help members of the surrounding community by providing additional employment and income during the pre- and post-show period. Another critical factor for the entire Sunshine Coast (effectively, the area of the coast between Jeffreys Bay to the other side of East London) is the boost to tourism, as an estimated Classics at the Castle 19 Wesley Hill Port Alfred presents - from Italy - Duo Etnopolis violinist - Luca Ciarla & accordionist - Nino di Luca Wednesday 21 March 17:00 (drinks) 17:30 (concert) Tickets from KNA R85 Any other queries: call Sue 082 4567 437 litre bucket of water on their head and without holding it, strived to be first across the finish line. The duck walk game seemed to be the most interesting one to all participants. Competitors had to put soccer balls underneath their arms and in between their legs and demonstrate a duck walk with those balls on a distance of about 50m. Then it was a race to the finish. 12 000 visitors are attracted to the area each year creating support for local businesses with much-needed funding. Where “Town and Country Meet” is the show’s motto and demonstrated by an average of 180 stand-holders from near and far who bring the showgrounds to life by marketing their extensive range of products – from heavy duty farming equipment to homemade arts and crafts – which often results in business partnerships being formed, trading opportunities furthered and the cross-section of ideas taking place. But, despite all the running around, organising, building and setting up, there is a lot of fun still to be had. Teenagers were favoured by age hence they participated in more activities than any other group. They managed to play football, netball and do different types of running races. Plenty of games on the programme were not able to be played due to time const raints. Tyutyu said the event was aimed at reducing crime and was disappointed in the low turnout of teenagers and “I have a great team with me to make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible,” said BAS president Danny Wepener. The team putting the show together is dedicated to ensuring this year’s show is the best yet, organising new stalls and pens for the cattle auctions and exhibitions, clearing out old bush and cutting grass, painting, repairing fences and shelters. It sounds like hard work, but that doesn’t stop the organising committee t went y-somethings. Pastor Tyutyu said they were trying to promote fitness awareness but also admitted that it’s difficult to get all people to participate when there is no prize to win. Younger children were the dominant group par ticipating. Group leader Matomela Nomonde was very enthusiastic prior the start of the event and her group was able to turn that energy into results. Her group, red team, was the overall winner, followed by yellow in second place, white third, and blue fourth. All the winners walked away with medals which were sponsored by Bathurst Hub NGO. Tyutyu extended his sincere gratitude to Rosehill SuperSpar and Heritage Mal Pick n Pay for sponsoring the event. “We are also thankful to Talk of the Town for covering our event,” he said. from having a few laughs along the way. Local impresario and comedy magician, Neville Williamson, has been a keen supporter of the show for many years. He wrote to Wepener recently to book one of the new cattle stalls for a weekend getaway. “D a n n y, ” he wrote, “you amaze me all the time. Even I would be happy to stay in one of those st a l l s . ” Wepener replied Williamson wanted one with a nice view and was ready to move in this weekend. “Problem is,” he commented with a grin, “once he’s in we might never get him out.” This year’s theme is, “Eaten today, thank a fa r m e r ”. Notice that this isn’t a question but a statement. Every item on your menu, whether it’s just a bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee, or a full three-course-meal, has been provided by fa r m e r s . So, you are encouraged to make plans to visit this year’s Bathurst Agricultural Show and find out where the food on your table actually comes from as well as having a really great day out in the country.

March 15, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 5 YOUR VOICE ... vox pops on the street Will you ever trust polony again? THANDO MBEDA: Af ter the whole thing of disease, no. I probably will once the whole thing has cleared off. But not those two brands’s a scary situation. EMILIA DE BEER: I think they will be a bit scared for 4-6 weeks and then it will all be ove r. MARTIE SENAR: We never ate polony. We don’t like the taste or texture of polony or vienna sausages. So we never bought it. We don’t like any processed stuff. HEADMAN KOSI: I do eat it. NOSIPHO BUDWANI: I don’t eat polony. EDWARD SENAR: We have not had polony for years. I buy free range chicken, not from multinationals. I believe you can get listeriosis from almost any food. Don’t eat Enterprise or Eskort, haven’t for years. But be careful, from what I see they are all using an imported product from Brazil. NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK - R573 000 SOLE MANDATE VIEW BY APPOINTMENT ŚŝŵŝŶĐŽŶĚŝŽŶďĞĚŽŽŵŽŶŚŽĞŝĂĞĚŝŶĂĞĐĞĐŽŵůĞŝŚ ĞŵŽĞŐĂĞĚĞŶĂŶĐĞůŽĞŽŐŽůĨĐŽĞΘŽŶĂŶĚŽŶůŵŝŶĞĚŝĞ ŽŚĞůĞŇĂŐĞĂĐŚĞŶůĂŶŬŝĐŚĞŶůŽŶŐĞŽĞŶŽŶŽĂŶŶĚĞĐŽĞ ĂŽĨŽĂĞůĂŝŶŐŶŶĚĂŶĐůŽĞĚďĂĐŬĂĚΘĂŝŶŐůĞŐĂĂŐĞ Contact Ben: 082 934 0844 The Anchorage, Gluckman Road: Tel 046 624 2454 Fax 046 624 3347 e-mail: ABANDONED REPAIRS: A portion of West Beach Drive which had become so potholed and rutted and where the tar had broken up into a dirt road was finally being attended to in December where a concrete stretch was built, but repairs were abandoned before the job was completed. Since then, no one has been able to drive on that stretch. Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said this was due to materials being dela ye d , but that the municpal maintenance team should complete the repairs before March 23 Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES

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