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TOTT 12 April 2018

18 Talk of the Town

18 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook April 12, 2018 KENTON BOWLING CLUB TWO of our most popular inter-club competitions are the bi-monthly Kenton-Kowie (Men) and Bess Tweedie (Ladies) competitions. They are held on the same day and play fills up a whole green which provides a tremendous vibe. The second round was held on Wednesday April 4 but this time, although the spirit being willing, the men from Kenton’s flesh was found to be wanting. We lost all four games and the current standing after two rounds is Kenton 2, Kowie 14! Fortunately, the remaining four rounds provide ample opportunity for us to catch up. Our ladies did us proud by winning both their matches. This gives them a handsome lead of 6-2 going in to June’s third round. Fr i d ay ’s Fabulous Feast was fish, calamari and chips which was enjoyed by all. Once again, the demand was greater than the supply due to members not putting their names on the catering list in the clubhouse. Often portions are pre-prepared and are only sufficient to cater for the people who have booked their meals. If you cannot get to the clubhouse in time to book, a telephone call to the catering convener will suffice. The attendance draw jackpot stood at R800 and was forfeited by Kevin Bates for not being present when his lucky number came up. Next week’s jackpot will be R900. Remember, if you are not in the crowd, you are sure to lose out. Social Saturday was sponsored by Ultra Liquor. After enjoying the ample eats during tea-time, the players went all-out to win the gift vouchers kindly donated by Ultra Liquor. Our regular visitor Billy Krige from Albany (ably assisted by Leonie de Villiers and Neville Green) won the af ternoon’s competition for being the only team scoring a full-house of 10 points. We are currently doing an audit of our membership database. If any member’s details have changed in the last two years (and have not advised our secretary of the changes) please do so asap. Duties (April 16-22): Tabs - Rob Croly, Bar – the Browns. Events (April 28 Main Street - Tel: 046 624 1125 Email: BOWLSBANTER ... what’s happening 12-18) 12 – Club League round 4, 15 – private function, 16 – Eastern Areas Council meeting at Kenton, 18 – Doris Ford/Les Clarke at Port Alfred. PORT ALFRED BOWLING AND CROQUET CLUB Our sponsors last week were Ocean Basket and the vouchers were won by Graham Enslin, Tony Versveld, Dix Lang and Bill Wragg. Thanks once again to Ocean Basket for their continued sponsorship. The Eastern Areas Mixed Pairs was won by Andrew Stirling and Marlene Mitchener from Albany with Ron Orford and Wendy Photenhauer from Port Alfred being runners-up. Well played all. We wish good bowling to both teams who will be playing in the Eastern Province finals this weekend at Port Alfred. The Port Alfred GBS will be played on Saturday April 21. The Men’s All Cape to be played in East London commences on Sunday April 22 and we wish good bowling to our men’s team participating, i.e, Trevor Frost, Hein Strombeck, Jonty Alexander and Brian Jarvis. Our Croquet Section hosts the Alan Wilson Tournament from April 23 to 28, and we wish them every success. Duties for week April 17 to 21: Tabs – Sheila Penny, Vic Wicks and Ben Nieuwoudt, Bar – Martin Leonard and Mike Pfotenhauer, Ironing – D av e Lang. KOWIE BOWLING CLUB On Easter Monday we had our usual public holiday format – starting late and ending with a “braai”. Playing “cut throat” and switching partners and almost having to use an abacus to determine the winner we arrived at the following: Best Skip - Jonty Alexander, Third – Rob Walker, Lead – Lester Scriven. Tuesday’s Megabucks was not so crowded because most of the front rankers seemed to be staying at home. This meant that two 5 graders were playing lead. Bob Ford, Don Kelly, and Rob Walker chalked up the only 10 pointer. The grading and supervised draw does seem to be biting as the percentage of games won by only 4 points or less is increasing. CROQUET CORNER Having discussed the grading two weeks ago it is appropriate to turn to the draw itself. The person doing the draw (the drawer) collects the tabs as they come in and places them with the reverse side up, ie, the drawer only sees the grading on the tab. The tabs are then arranged in descending order from 12 to 1. Having received all the tabs the drawer will decide on the format for that day, ie, how many skips, thirds, seconds, and leads he will need in accommodating all the players for example, if he has 36 tabs he will play six trips and need 12 skips, 12 thirds and 12 leads. The 12 skips will come from the top 12 in the pile of tabs with the thirds next and the last WINNERS’ SMILES: The winners of the Eastern Areas (EA) mixed pairs competition played at Port Alfred Bowling Club (PABC) last weekend were, from left, Andrew Sterley and Marlene Mitchell from Albany Bowling Club, with runners-up Wendy Pfotenhauer and Ron Orford from PABC. They will represent EA to play in the Eastern Province finals this weekend 4 THE attendance last week was showing signs of getting back to normal with 17 players on Saturday alone. Sue and Roger returned from their well-deser ved break and, s u r p r i s i n g l y, there are no birthdays this week. 12 being the leads. The drawer will now draw two tabs from each pile leaving him with six groups. The six tabs in each group are now arranged into two teams of trips It is at this stage where he has to ensure that the grading value (the sum of the three grades) of the teams facing each other are the same. If not, then he can swap tabs from other groups until the teams facing each other are just about equal – until now the drawer has only seen the grade on the tab he has no idea whose tab it is. The tabs are now turned over so that the names of the players, as drawn, can be put on the screen. Friday Steak night trips was again well attended with the winners fairly well distributed. The lure of the Bathurst Show depleted our numbers for Saturday and we had to contend with a reduced field. Nevertheless Steve Minnaar, Dave Thomas and Lydia Atteridge will be enjoying a meal at Guido's. Jackie Kriel and Michael van der Sandt's attempt at the Eastern Areas Mixed Pairs crown was cut short by Ron Orford who then lost in the final against Marlene and Andrew from A l b a n y. G ro w i n g junior golf at Nemato Golf Club ALEXANDRIA Golf Club was characterised by playfulness on Sunday when Nemato Golf Club played their third monthly competition this year. There were 36 golfers taking part, including 12 juniors from their development section. Talking about these monthly tournaments, Nemato Golf Club chairman Mzwandile Mgweba explained that they are meant to raise money for youth development purposes. “We will be very thankful for any support from the Ndlambe communit y,” he said. He extended sincere gratitude to those who are already contributing to this promising programme. “We would like to thank community members who donate with equipment, drinks and sandwiches.” Mgweba said Nemato Golf Club has the goal of initiating golf in schools, and is committed to training young golfers without any charges. “Nemato Golf Club has been registered as a non-profit organisation and its main focus is to introduce golf in schools by giving free lessons, as well as weekend lessons,” he said. “At the Port Alfred driving range we teach children good attributes, assist and contribute in their welfare, and organise education opportunities like scholarships, bursaries.” Mgweba further mentioned that this was an inclusive programme of all stakeholders. “We want to involve all stakeholders such as schools, parents, municipalities, nongovernmental organisations, businesses and relevant government departments to expand this programme in communities” he said. The results for the competition on Sunday are: Senior Results Best Gross: M Mbambela – 79, IPS: S Dyantyi – 42, IPS: S Nnantu – 42, IPS: S Albany – 41 , IPS: M Jonas – 41, IPS: L Xali – 40, Junior Results Medal: 1 A Matshotyana, 2 S Ngotsha, 3 O Mbombela, 4 M Mbombela, 5 K. Mabece

April 12, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 19 Wednesday April 4: BUCO Individual Medal, with 73 players. Results: 1st: Alan Harty – 62, 2nd: Jarryd Harty – 64, 3rd: Roger Acton – 67 , 4th: Tony Halse – 67 , 5th: Dennis White – 67 Two Clubs: 6th: S Dorrington, A Har t y 8th: R Hicks, A Hough, B Burger, N Smith 11th: C Poulton, R Dales Best Gross: 71 – Benji Burger Best Nett: 62 – Alan Har t y Nearest The Pins: Debonairs Pizza – 6th: Norman Smith Kowie River Cruises – 8th: Ray Hicks The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Roger Acton Thymes 2 Catering – 13th: Bobby McGarvie Wimpy Longest Drive - #14th: Rob Dowding Kingsley Beverages Nearest the Pin for 2 on the 1st: Graham Dorrington Saturday April 7: Viv Jordan golf day, a 2 Ball Alliance with 57 players. Trophy – the Keith Granger Vase: George Lake, Tim Leach Results: 1st: George Lake, Tim Leach – 59 2nd: Clint Roesstorff, Quinton Fick - 54 3rd: Meekah de Sousa, Alan Harty - 53 4th: Roly Clayton, Andy GOLFW E E K LY ... the results Barnes - 50 Two Clubs: 8th: R Acton 11th: G Lake, A Small 13th: Q Fick (hole in one) Best Gross: 71 – Meekah de Sousa, Colin M av u s o Best Nett: 66 – Quinton Fick. Nearest The Pins: Mooifontein Quarry – 12th: Neil Loundar Auto Smart Body Shop – 14th: Roger Acton Sibuya Game Reserve – 7th: George Lake The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 9th: Quinton Fick Wimpy Longest Drive - #18th: Vaughan Meyer Royal St Andrews: Nearest the Pin for 2 on the 1st: Bob McGarvie 1820s GOLF Monday April 2: 30 players in fairly pleasant conditions. Winners on 37: Windsor Bagley, John Dell, Stan Weyer, Juan Southey. Moosehead on 47: Peter Rinaldi, Don Howarth, Albert Whitfield. Good Scores: 49 - Windsor Bagley, 48 - Stan Weyer. Two Clubs: None. Thursday April 5: 24 players in perfect conditions. Winners on 39: Lionel Timm, Don Howarth, Dallas Cowie, Dave Page. Moosehead on 44: Peter Rinaldi, Frank Barker, Rick Hill, Nic van der Merwe. Good Scores: 49 - Dave Page, Juan Southey, Stan Weyer, Derick Sinclair, 47 - Gavin Richards, 46 - Cecil Jones-Phillipson, Neville Woolgar. Two Clubs: 6th Don Howarth, Patrick O’K e l l y. LADIES’ R E S U LTS April 3 Twenty-seven players turned out to compete in Pick n Pay’s Monthly Medal in partly overcast but dry conditions with the Paterson Cup at stake. Pat Halse netted a fine 68 to win both the Paterson Cup and the Silver Division. Jenny Ralph was runner-up with a nett 71. The Bronze Division was won by Heather van Harmelen netting 73, one stroke to the fore of second placed Sandy Fryer’s 74. Sonia Reynold's drive was closest to the pin on Top Carpet’s 6th and she went on to sink her putt for the only birdie of the day. Pogs Smith was nearest on both Rosehill Driving Range’s 8th and on Wimpy’s 11th. Jenny Ralph was “closest-for-t wo” on River Spa’s 13th. The concomitant putting competitions held every monthly Medal were won by Sonia in the Silver Division (27putts) and by Margie Reid in the Bronze Division (30 putts). The longest drive competitions were held on the 17th and struck by Pogs and Trish Barwick in the lower and higher handicap sections r e s p e c t i v e l y. The competition on April 17 will be a better-ball Stableford sponsored by the Ocean B a s ke t . FRESH STOP PORT ALFRED MIXED April 7 Cool to begin with but continually warming up with little wind to worry about presented near perfect conditions for golf on Saturday morning and 33 players heeded the call for the early morning draw. Mixed teams in six 4-balls and three 3-balls contended the usual 2-to-count Stableford alliance. Four teams ended up with 89 points with Danny Tarpani, Allison Nisbet, Dee and Cecil Jones-Phillipson counting out John Ralph, Martin and Lizzie Lambrechts to take first and second places respectively. Way behind on a paltry 70 + 5 = 75 points were Kevin Maree, Heather van Harmelen and Pru Peacock, the three being “subtly” r e wa r d e d with energy enhancing drinks courtesy of the sponsors. Jane Spriggs (6th), Glyn Renecle, Pogs Smith (8th) and Bruce Smith (13th) all holed birdies on the par three holes indicated. There were a number of good nett rounds, the best being Gaby Tarpani, Lynne West, Terry Harris (67), Rob Cross (68), Danny Tarpani, Lizzie Lambrechts and Greg Shanks (69). Glyn also won the sponsor’s bottle of wine for being closest to the pin on the 8th. KGB RESULTS April 6 Tuesday April 3: The golfing powers that be continued to smile on Tuesday morning providing excellent weather and 42 players entered the draw to play a 2-to-count Stableford alliance in 3 and 4-balls. Enjoying the conditions and coming home to win by a short head on 92 points were Tony Halse, Paul Fryer, John Abbot and Mike Dobbs beating John Ralph, John Crandon, Philip van der Byl and Cliff Roberts into second place on 91 points. Not much joy was found by the trio Russel Warren, Andrew and Adrian White who combined to scrape together just 67 points and comfortably earn the dubious honour of placing the Hamer and Sukkel on their table at prize giving. Eric Segers and Neil Loundar both birdied the par three 13th whilst Steve Kennedy and visitor from Poland John Ratajezak did similarly at the 6th to take the 2-club kitty as they were all in the same covey. The best individual gross score was Colin M av u s o ’s 75 whilst John Abbot (69), Gavin Richards (68), John Crandon (68), Paul (67) and Philip (66) all would have been pleased with their individual nett scores. Friday April 6: A westerly providing a test to golfing prowess greeted the 46 players who entered the draw to play in 3 and 4 balls in a standard 2-to-count Stableford alliance. Not at all concerned about the wind Russel Warren, Andy Barnes, Richard Farndell and Peter Reed dovetailed well to outstrip the field and post a winning score of 93 points. Sandy Fryer, Gaby Hausman-Tarpani, Mike Dobbs and Paul Fryer cantered in behind to take second spot on 87 points. Barrie Brady, Eugene de Witt, Martin Lambrechts and John Abbot were quite accommodating in securing the Hamer and Sukkel with 75 points. Best individual nett scores were recorded by Andy (69), Pat Halse (69), Paul (67) and an invigorated Cliff Roberts (65). MEDAL WINNERS: The U10 Port Alfred High School boys won their section in the recent Thiart tennis tournament in Grahamstown. From left are Thomas Stanford, Luan Hannekom, James Campbell and Lou Coetzee. School headmaster Clive Pearson presented their medals at the last assembly of the school term KOWIESTRIDERS ... runners with pride CAROL and Jean Nepgen continue to clock up the kilos for the 1000km Challenge. On March 21 Carol walked the Sunnypark 21km in Pretoria in 2 hours 48 minutes and won the gold medal for being first in her age group. On March 24 at the Elkana 12 hour circuit race in Witbank Jean walked 27km and Carol 55km. The Easter Running Festival 48 hour circuit race was held in Germiston. It was on a 400m track. Jean completed 50km and Carol 112km. Then April 6 and 7 they competed in the Gansbaai Vasbyt two-day event. Day 1 was 40km which Carol did in 6:41. Day two was shorter (35km) and tougher. Carol completed it in 5:57. Well done to both of them. Less than two months to go before the challenge is up. Marietjie Robb ran the Germiston Callies 15km this past weekend. She completed the fast flat route in 1:45. For the time trial on Tuesday no watches are allowed. It promises to be a fun evening. Kenton runners Time Trial: April 5 March 29 5 Km 1. Nosipho Vazi 36:37 April 5 5km 1. Siphelele Funda 26:21 2. Nick Albrightson 30:01 3. Jarred Penny 30:09 4. Joy Stevens 32:31 5. Lynn West 34:21 6. Nosipho Vazi 37:17

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