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16 Talk of the Town

16 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 22, 2018 Movie hits home amid gun violence in US ROB KNOWLES Death Wish, with Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio and Elisabeth Shue, directed by Eli Roth. 4/5 PAUL Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon in a Chicago hospital and has had to deal with the violence of the city’s streets for years. Although sympathetic it appears that, as a matter of survival, he tries not to think about it too much. He rather focuses on his wife, Lucy (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter Jordan (Camila Morrone) who has just been accepted into college. She is also a keen soccer player, and the family show great support for each other. That all changes when two gunshot victims are rushed to the hospital after being viciously attacked in their suburban home. Paul realises that the two victims are, in fact, his wife and daughter. Lucy does not survive the attack but Jordan is operated on and remains in a coma. The police attend the scene of the crime in the form of detectives Kevin Raines (Dean Norris) and Leonore Jackson (Kimberly Elise) who, with perhaps a 100 unsolved murders on their books are totally impotent. But they tell Paul they will continue to search for his w i fe ’s killers. When a criminal is delivered to the emergency room at the hospital with a gunshot wound, Paul recognises the man as a valet he met recently. Putting two and two together, he surreptitiously takes the dying man’s gun. Although he seems reluctant to use a weapon initially, the audience knows (based on the actions of Willis’ predecessor in the role, Charles Bronson, in the THEY’RE BACK: The guys and gals of Unorthodox Jukebox are back by popular demand and will be performing at Tash’s Craft Bar at the small boat harbour next Saturday. From back to front are Scott Harvey, Sasha Badenhorst, Rob Knowles and Melissa du Randt Picture: ZEPHYR STUDIOS 1974 movie of the same name) it is inevitable that Kersey is about to exact vengeance on his wife’s killers. The movie has generated a lot of controversy in the United States where anti- and pro-gun lobbyists are still hurting over the most recent mass shooting at a school in Florida. However you feel about guns, there is no doubt most people watching the movie would sympathise with (if not necessarily condone) the actions of the distraught father and husband who was placed in this situation. A really good movie with plenty of graphic violence for those who, like me, enjoy a little mayhem in an action film, Death Wish will make you ask yourself what you would do the same given the same c i r c u m st a n c e s . AT THE FIVE STARS MOVIES MAIN CHARACTERS: Happier times for the Kersey family, from left, Jordan (Camila Morrone), her mom Lucy (Elisabeth Shue), and father Dr Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) in the remake of ‘Death Wish’, now showing at Rosehill Cinema Ta s h ’s song, dance, comedy will have the feet a-stomping ONCE again, unorthodox Jukebox will be performing at Ta s h ’s Craft Bar at the Port Alfred small boat harbour, and will be singing some of your favourite songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s (and some you might have forgotten) to get you on your feet and dancing – or singing – along to familiar melodies. The show, billed simply as Unorthodox Jukebox Volume 2, will take place next S at u r d ay, starting at 7pm. “I suggest you book in advance as the seats get Scurrying for a sighting GOOD day to you all. About three-and a half years ago, I wrote a two-part story on a one-day trip to Middelburg, Eastern Cape, to find a provincial rarity, namely the Caspian plover. Let me recap for those who missed it and/or have forgotten about that ar ticle. The Caspian plover is not a common bird in our area. It migrates from near the Caspian Sea and spends our summer in the sub-region, but more north, in places such as Botswana and occasionally the northern parts of South Africa. However, now and again, as with many migrants, one will end up further south than usual. That was the case then, when in October 2014, the Caspian plover in non-breeding plumage arrived near Middelburg. Fast-forward to March this year. I received a message on my phone via the Eastern Cape rarities WhatsApp group that a Caspian plover had been seen in an old chicory field near Kenton-on-Sea! A friend and I went there as soon as we could and eventually found it. A huge bonus was that this bird was not the drab, non-breeding version that I had seen in Middelburg. This was a male in full breeding plumage! Quite a transformation! Instead of being grey and brown, this individual was clean white on the throat and belly, with a distinctly marked white and brown face, a bright reddish-brown chest and pale legs. It was initially hard to spot as it turned its back on us, as the back and wings blend well with the soil. However, as it preened, the white on the face stood out very well. When it was relaxed, it was very tame and allowed us to creep quite close. It didn’t fly away from people, as a rule. Rather, if anybody got too close, it would get up and slowly walk away from us. It would soon resort to feeding, which it did by running PORT ALFRED BRIDGE CLUB Results for Thursday, 15 March 2018 Red Section ( Green Section Board 06: Dealer E, E-W vulnerable taken pretty early,” said Rob Knowles, who sings and brings the comedy to the show. “We don’t want anyone to miss out. It’s going to be a great evening’s enter tainment.” “Ta s h ’s is a great venue with some of the best pub-food ever,” said show producer and singer, Scott Harvey. “They have just installed a new lighting and sound system and the place looks good to go for the Easter weekend.” This is Unorthodox fast, suddenly stopping and leaning forward to pick up small insects from the ground. At the time of writing this, it is still present at the field, but it may well be gone by time you read this. As I said, it is in full breeding plumage, meaning it could head north to southern Russia any time now. That’s it for this time, friends. Please remember I am available for local birdwatching tours. You can contact me on 072-314-0069 for more information. Until next time, happy chirping! J u ke b o x ’s second appearance at Tash’s and, with the new stage, sound and lighting, is set to be a night to remember. As well as Knowles and Harvey, the show also features dancers Melissa du Randt and Sasha Badenhorst. “The girls bring a new and different energy to the show,” said Harvey. “We will have songs by Elvis, of course, but also the Everly Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Nancy Sinatra – and more. And Melissa is going to gift us with another song on LET’S CHIRP the evening. It’s going to be g r e at . “And, to make things even better, there’s Tash’s burger and chips, a great Saturday night supper,” said Knowles. Guests can choose between a beef or chicken burger with chips and the meal is included in the ticket price of just R130. “Seriously guys, where else are you going to get a meal and a show on Easter Saturday for just R130? Better to call in at Tash’s and book your seats early to avoid disappointment.” ... with Tim C o ck c ro f t IN FULL BREEDING PLUMAGE: The author was elated at the rare sighting of a Caspian plover in our area Picture: TIM COCKCROFT Results for Monday, 19 March 2018 Red Section ( Green Section Board 5: Dealer E, N-S vulnerable Á À ÀÀÀ so bid! À À À À Results by section Red Section Results by section Green Section Red Section Green Section Bridge lessons have started: beginners and improvers please contact Elzabe on 073 218 5735.

March 22, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 17 KC HOCKEY GIRLS ARE OVERALL WINNERS The Kingswood College 1st team emerged victorious in the PE North section of the SPAR Eastern Cape hockey challenge for schoolgirls played in Grahamstown at the weekend, after an unbeaten run throughout the tournament. In the final, Kingswood beat Brandwag High 1-0. Leading up to the final, Kingswood defeated Cradock High 4-0, Gill College 3-0, Brandwag 2-0, Diocesan School for Girls 2nds 6-0, Volkskool 5-0 and Victoria Girls’ High School 2-0. The Kingswood squad comprised Emma Fraser, Lushana van Heerden, Conna van Blerk, Zinathi Mbenyana, Bianca de Klerk, Bianca Walker, Kelly Biggs, Megan du Preez, Dawne Higgs, Amy Mills, Ella Denton, Kelsey Purdon, Kate von Holdt, Ciana Daniels and Kelly Landon. Bevan Bennett was the coach. PINEAPPLES, MEDALS AND FUN It has become tradition – m ay b e more than 20 years – that each finisher of the annual Makana Brick 8km night race receives a pineapple. In addition, there’s a medal for each finisher, as well as a glass of Coke, spot prizes to fortunate finishers and prize money to faster finishers. And it was the case again this year when the event took to the streets of Grahamstown last week. Once again, local clay brick manufacturer Makana Brick generously sponsored the race which had in the region of 500 entrants. Good support was received from townsfolk, Rhodes students and school pupils – St Andrew’s College alone entered about 200 boys! The race started and finished at Graeme College, and members of the Graeme 1st hockey team made boerewors rolls to raise funds for an upcoming tour – in fact, they sold their entire stock! At the conclusion of the event, Makana Brick made donations to St John Ambulance (first-aid support), Graeme College (facilities) and Grahamstown Hospice (beneficiaries of proceeds). Meanwhile, Kendal Rose and Emily McLean of Diocesan School for Girls finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the ladies’ division. Third was Terri-Lynn Penney and fourth was Daniela Wright. The men’s division was won by Masixole Xhayiya, runner-up was Lubabalo Bokuva, third was Sisa Camagu, and fourth Bonga Mbanjwa. MANY MORE AFTER THE RAIN I don’t think the pothole situation in Grahamstown has ever been as bad as it was on a drive around town at the weekend. Mind you, it has rained quite a lot in recent weeks and, as we know, exacerbates the situation. Take the area in the vicinity of the former railway station at the bottom of High Street, for example. With so many big potholes in that small area, the road is in an absolutely shocking state. And certainly the same can be said of other parts of town. STRONG COMEBACK FOR GRAEME After suffering successive defeats on day-one of the Coca-Cola Schools’ T20 cricket challenge in Pretoria at the weekend, Graeme College came back strongly to beat Rondebosch Boys’ High on the second day. Graeme lost to King Edward School by 112 runs, and went down by eight wickets to St Alban’s College on the first day of the event. In the match against the highly-ranked Rondebosch, Graeme scored 162 for 6 off 20 overs (Christopher Gleaves 58 and Romario Fritz 38). In reply, Rondebosch was all out for 129 (Sihle Mginywa 3/34, Mark Amm 2/27 and Liam Agnew 2/34). Though they were not among the wickets, Siphesihle Madlongolwana and Jeremy Beyleveldt bowled very well, keeping the run rate down. Graeme beat Rondebosch by 33 runs. SWEET MUSIC AT NELM Grahamstown Music Society presents Duo Etnopolis in the National English Literary Museum (Nelm) in Worcester Street from 7.30pm today (Thursday March 22). The duo comprises Luca Ciarla (violin) and Antonino de Luca (accordion). Tickets will be available at the door. PINE TIME: It has become tradition for each finisher of the annual Makana Brick Nite Race to receive a pineapple in addition to a medal and a cup of Coke at the finish. Handing out pineapples to finishers of this year’s 8km event last week were Kingswood College pupils, from left, Sizenalo Bidla, Zoe Fraser, Tamlyn Yates and Khanyi Mosoeu Pictures: SID PENNEY FUNDS FOR FURRY FRIENDS Here’s hoping those readers and residents who will be shopping at Pepper Grove Pick n Pay tomorrow (Friday) are in a generous frame of mind. Grahamstown SPCA will be holding a collection outside Pick n Pay from 8am to 3pm. Members and friends of the society will be collecting cash and food for the animals in their care. BIG WINS IN SEASON OPENERS In an early-season First XV rugby match in Uitenhage at the weekend, Kingswood College defeated Muir College by 61 points to 3. Other scores between the schools: 2nds – Kingswood won 34-0; 3rds – Kingswood won 55-0; U16A – Kingswood won 53-10; U15A – Kingswood won 31-7; U14A – Muir won 22-10. Kingswood 1sts’ next match is against Framesby High at the Graeme College rugby day on Saturday (3pm on Somerset field). FIFTY-UP IN THE BOTS Last Saturday’s parkrun in Makana botanical gardens attracted 157 runners, joggers and walkers, and three of them achieved their 50th SNAKE WORLD: There was so much to see and do for the tens of thousands of school pupils of all ages at this year’s Scifest Africa science and technology festival in Grahamstown this month. Here, a presenter from Bayworld in Port Elizabeth talks to pupils about snakes, and it was clear from the looks on their faces that they were totally enthralled. There were dozens of other exhibitions, workshops and lectures on offer at this year’s festival parkrun – Hilton Adonis, Rita Bodenstein and Callie Grant. Parkruns are held each Saturday at 8am from the entrance to the botanical gardens. CASH FOR CATS Members and friends of the Grahamstown Feral Cat Project will be holding a cash and cat food collection outside Pick n Pay on Saturday March 31. TAX EXPERT DIES Professor Matthew Lester, a leading South African tax expert and member of the Rhodes University academic staff, died last week after a short illness. He was widely acknowledged as one of the foremost tax experts in the country. SIX CEREMONIES Six separate ceremonies will make up Rhodes University’s 2018 graduation from Thursday April 5 to Saturday April 7. The ceremonies will be held in the Guy Butler Auditorium in the Monument. GREAT GAMES AT GRAEME The sprawling Graeme College campus has three senior rugby fields, and all three will be abuzz with frenetic activity this Saturday with the staging of the Pam Golding Properties Graeme rugby day, an event catering for schools’ teams from U14 level to 1st team level. The action on all three fields begins as early as 8am, and culminates in the “main game” on Somerset field at 4.10pm. Schools’ teams will be coming in from all corners of the Eastern Cape – Humansdorp and Port Elizabeth to the west, Cradock and Komani to the north, and East London to the east. Matches will be played at three levels – 1sts, U16 and U14. The 1st teams play on Somerset field, the U16s on Marais A and the U14s on Marais B. The 1st team programme on Somerset is: 8am Pearson v Muir; 9.10am Union v Cambridge; 10.20am Brandwag v Queen’s; 11.30am Nico Malan v Dale; 12.40pm Selborne v Marlow; 1.50pm St Andrew’s v Hudson Park; 3pm Kingswood v Framesby; 4.10pm Graeme v Grey High. On Marais A field at 10am, Nathaniel Nyaluza 1sts come up against Port Alfred High 1sts. In all, 23 matches will be played on the day, bringing to the Graeme campus several thousand people – players, officials, parents and BIG BANG: Local battle re-enactment specialist and raconteur, Basil Mills, was the official starter of last we e k ’s Makana Brick 8km Nite Race through the streets of Grahamstown. He signalled the start of the event with assistance from his mean-looking firearm that sent a huge boom across the usually quiet Graeme College campus and surrounding neighbourhoods suppor ters. NEW CHAIRMAN GBS Mutual Bank, with its head office in Grahamstown and branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred, has announced the appointment of Owen Skae as Chairman of the bank. Skae, the director of the Rhodes University Business School, takes over as chairman from Tom Tagg who chaired the board for the past nine years and remains a director. VAST NUMBER OF VOICES The stage of the Monument auditorium comes alive on Sunday (6pm) and Monday (7.30pm) March 25 and 26 for the fifth edition of the Masicule concert which celebrates the voices of Grahamstown. Being presented by the National Arts Festival, the concert will feature G r a h a m st o w n ’s top choirs, with more than 15 taking part. SIX STRINGS IN THE FOYER Renowned guitarist Guy Buttery performs in the fountain foyer area of the Monument from 7pm on Wednesday March 28. Buttery, the 2018 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner, is currently on a nationwide tour. PART OF THE CAMP Bame Malesu of St Andrew’s College was one of 50 U18 players within SA R u g by ’s Elite Player Development programme invited to take part in a four-day training camp in Stellenbosch this week. The camp focussed on grooming the players into potential Junior Springboks and SA Schools’ p l ay e r s . RECORDS IN THE WATER Two new records were set at Graeme College’s inter-house swimming gala this month, both in the U16 age group. Joshua Pamphilon broke the existing 50m butterfly record, and Andrew McCallum set a new 50m breaststroke record. IN EP SQUAD The Eastern Province squad for the national waterpolo tournament next month includes four Diocesan School for Girls players – S h ay l e n Ackermann and Erin Jarvis in the EP U18A team, and Phoebe Elliott and Jayme Cunningham in the EP U18B team. Mark Evans is the head coach of the EP U18A side.

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