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TOTT 22 March 2018

2 Talk of the Town

2 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 22, 2018 CRIMEBRIEFS ON WEDNESDAY, March 14 there was a break-in at 9.30am in Van der Riet St reet. The gardener phoned the homeowner when he found copper pipes had been stolen and the burglar had also broken into the outside toilet and taken a spade and a fork. ý At about 6pm on Friday March 16, there was a motor vehicle accident on Main Street near FNB between a Toyota Tazz and Mazda. No one was injured. ý There was a break-in at Damant Lodge retirement village in Pike Lane at 11.15pm on Friday night. Security officers and police arrived to find someone had gained entry into the unit by bending open the burglar bars of a slightly open window at the front of the premises. The burglar stole a cellphone and about R200 in cash and disappeared. ý People were reported to be fighting at a beachside restaurant at West Beach at about 2.30am early on Sunday morning. MultiSecurit y response officers said there was no sign of anyone fighting. They saw people leaving the premises. ý At about 8.30am on Saturday morning a trolley belonging to Spar was found outside KNA, containing CDs and tablecloth, which could have been stolen. The trolley was handed to the police. ý MultiSecurity officers responded to an alarm at a Sunningdale Road home at about 11pm on Saturday night and found there had been a break-in. Burglars took a laptop, iPhone and external hard drive. Police opened a case. ý There was a break-in at the Misty Waves complex in Emerald Heights in the early hours of Sunday morning. MultiSecurity control room received an alarm signal and response officers were dispatched and attended the scene just after 1am. The burglar lifted a sliding door off its rail to gain entry. The MultiSecurity officer opened up a case on behalf of the owner, who was out of town. ý At 1.30pm on Monday there was an attempted break-in at Van der Riet Street. MultiSecurity response officers were alerted to the break-in when an alarm in front of the house went off. They attended the scene and found a window facing the riverside had a broken handle, but as the burglar bars were still intact, the burglar(s) could not have gained entry. No case was opened and the window handle was fixed. ¿ 29 Miles St, Port Alfred PO Box 2871, Port Alfred, 6170 046 624 4356 / Fax: 046 624 2293 Mauneen Charter, Sonja Raasch, Anneli Hanstein, Jon Houzet, ĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĐŽĂ ΛĂůŬŽŌŚĞŽŶĞĐ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶ ĂůŬŽĨŚĞŽŶŶĚůĂŵďĞ TRAVESTY FOR TOURISM: Raw sewage seeps from manhole covers on Van der Riet Street on Tuesday Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES Sewage spill threatens river LOUISE KNOWLES CABLE theft from a generator room in Wharf Street caused a stink when raw sewage seeped out of two manhole covers in Van der Riet Street on Tu e s d ay. “Please be advised that a cable theft occurred at our generator room in Wharf St reet,” Anelisa Klaas from Ndlambe Municipalit y’s department of infrastructural development said in a communique on Tuesday. According to Klaas, “a 5m-long cable has been stolen and that is why our sewer pump stations [Wharf Street] are not functioning and causing sewer lines to overflow”. While the pump was not working, the sewage may have been flowing directly into the Kowie River, as has happened in previous spills. “Our electrician is busy reconnecting the cables and sewer trucks from Kenton and Bathurst have been called to assist with sucking up the overflowing pump stations to avoid river contamination,” said Klaas. Ward 10 councillor Ray Schenk, who forwarded the communique from Ndlambe Municipality to Talk of the Town, warned residents “it is likely to be going on for a little while”. Resident and local businessman Allan Sheridan, who owns The Courtyard, reported the sewage spill which is directly in front of Athina’s Delights deli. “They said they are working on the pump station at Wharf Street. Whenever they work on the pump station – which leads up to the sewerage farm – it backs up further down the line and overflows,” he said. Sheridan said he has pumps which are working double time to keep the sewage from backing up on his property.

March 22, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 3 Pupils warned of cyber bullies AWARENESS TALK: From left, Sergeant Sindy Pienaar, Avuzwa Mbeda, El Shaddai Christian Academy pupils Zola Tshangana, Beate Rowe, Constable Sandra Catherine, Julie Mbabela, Mufarowashe Kuudzadombo, after a talk on cyber bullying and online predators at the school on Monday EL SHADDAI Christian Academy pupils were warned about the dangers of cyber bullying and online predators when Sergeant Sindy Pienaar from Social Crime Prevention and Constable Sandra Catherine from the Family Violence Unit in Port Alfred visited the school on Monday. Pienaar told pupils that bullying can take many forms. It is repetitive behaviour which can ridicule, humiliate and harm someone. It can be someone physically hurting, verbally hurting or ignoring you. In the case of cyber bullying you can be harassed by someone, and they can spread lies and rumours about you or harmful photos of you. Bullying can come from anyone, be it a peer, a parent, a teacher and even a stranger. Pienaar said the SAPS takes this seriously and will assist a child if they report bullying or harassment from anyone on the internet. Online predators were described as someone posing as a peer, even going to the lengths of posting pictures and creating a profile of someone in the same age group as you. This person will slowly develop a relationship with you, making you feel comfortable in sharing intimate details with them. They will start asking more and more personal questions such as: Where does your mom work? Which school do you go to? Where is your favourite hangout place? They will eventually ask you to start taking photos of yourself, and can even culminate in you taking photos of your private parts. These photos are then shared all over social media. These people are usually adults in their 30s to 50s and are very crafty in hiding their identity, Pienaar said. Catherine from the Family Violence Unit reiterated the importance of reporting any incidents and assured pupils that the SAPS are there to help them. ENJOY OUR ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET Trading Hours Superspar: Mon– Sat: 8am – 7pm Sun 8am - 5pm Valid: 23 - 25 March 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 046 624 3542 | | While stocks last. WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Trading Hours Nemato Spar: Mon– Sat: 7am – 7pm Sun: 7:30am - 6pm Valid: 23 - 25 March 2018 | E&OE | Tel: 086 002 1039 | While stocks last WE DELIVER - Place orders telephonically or via email Frozen Chicken Breast Fillets R59.99 Per kg Bulk Pork Packs R39.99 Per kg Pendale Pre-Cooked Spare Ribs R89.99 Per kg R29.99 Each SPAR Refined White Sugar 10kg R129.99 Each SPAR IQF Mixed Chicken Portions 2kg R59.99 Each Medium Pizzas R14.99 Each Chicken Leg Quarters and Chips R34.99 Each Golden Apples 1.5kg R19.99 Each SPAR Cake Wheat Flour 10kg R67.99 Each SPAR IQF Bangers 1.5kg R29.99 Each Potatoes 7kg R44.99 Each

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