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8 Talk of the Town

8 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook March 22, 2018 Port Alfred BUSINESSFORUM Healing through animals ROB KNOWLES WITH the proliferation of medicines, cures and potions on the market to help keep you healthy, perhaps there is a more natural way, a more holistic technique, to maintain your body? Dale Fox, a psychology graduate and a lifetime student of all things holistic, natural and alternative treatments, and her former allopathic (treatment of disease by “conventional” drugs and treatments) background ideally positions her to be able to recommend more natural ways of combatting illness. Fox is a lady with a mission; to teach others her simple techniques to enable them, along with everyone else, to communicate with animals and even plants, and thereby learn from them and become more attuned to the world around us. She asserts that, as plants and animals communicate, so do MYHOME ... with Simon Oliver Catch up with what’s happening on the PA business front Invest wisely for your future retirement needs FIRSTLY, I would like to make it quite clear that investing is most certainly not an art or, even a stroke of luck. Successful investing is only achievable through many years of studying – and watching the investment markets closely on a daily basis. It further involves continued study, to remain abreast of all that is happening in the ever-changing world of investments. I am certain every successful investment adviser will fully agree with these statements. It is therefore absolutely essential for any person wishing to grow their investments, to engage with a fully qualified, well experienced investment “guru”. Likewise to visiting a medical doctor, an accountant or even a MONEY M AT T E R S ... with Nico Human CONVERSE WITH ANIMALS: N at u r a l healing therapist and practitioner Dale Fox wa n t s everyone to u n d e r st a n d that all living things c o m m u n i c at e but that humans have perhaps forgot ten how to listen This expert can ‘freshen up’ your home in a jiffy I HAVE often spoken about how to prepare one’s garden in anticipation of the rain; well this week’s article is about how to keep your home fresh. I think we often procrastinate most when it comes to making changes to our homes because we are uncertain of the outcome. Maybe this is because we have got used to our homes or we are a little frightened about what it may cost. I put this problem to Emma Port Alfred | R995 000 ŽŽŬŝŶŐĨŽĂůŝůĞŽŵĞŚŝŶŐĚŝīĞĞŶŝŚŝŶ ĂůŬŝŶŐĚŝĂŶĐĞŽĂĞĂĐŚ ĞĚŽŽŵĂŚŽŽŵĂĂŐĞĂŬŝŶŐ ĞďĂĐŬŝŶŽĂŝďĂŶĐŽůŽĞůŽŝŽŶŚŝŚŽŵĞŽīĞ open plan living with ample space for outdoor entertaining and would work well as a work from home.................... Needs to be viewed to be appreciated. Diane Hosty | 082 775 2777 | 046 624 4879 View by appointment. humans, but that humans have forgotten to listen to what is being communicated. Fox is a child of Africa and, as such, is always close to nature. Her communication work began in earnest in 2004 at the Joshua Baboon Rehabilitation Centre in Barrydale in the Karoo. In particular, her experience with a baboon, Njelo, led to their story being shown on an SABC television programme: The healing power of n at u r e . It also started a journey of communicating and working with horses, orphan elephants and all species of animals and plants across the continent. Trading and training she has mixed with people from all walks of life, eventually leading her to make the shift from the business world to the world of natural health. She realised that simplicity was the key to understanding nature and that we all have these skills but often don’t motor mechanic you will certainly be charged a fee, to tap into their knowledge and expertise to obtain the correct advice and to solve whatever problem you are experiencing. I can assure you that the small fee charged, will in future bring returns of thousands-fold and will certainly be well appreciated af terwards. There are two completely separate sides to investments. Firstly we can discuss a pre-retirement investment plan. This normally occurs during your working life. During this period of say 40 to 45 years, it is essential to build up enough capital to enable one’s family to sufficiently continue with their lifestyle during the years of Cooper, who can help you with project management, interior design and decoration. Here are some of her thoughts: “People are more often than not so overwhelmed by the myriad of choices out there, that they never ever actually get to the point of making any changes to their homes. What they don’t appreciate is that sometimes a little goes a long way. By doing something as small and simple as realise it, and therefore do not get the benefit of what nature has for us. As an integrated natural health practitioner, she combines all her skills and years of experience, to offer a combination approach to her client’s well-being. Fo x ’s worldview that all living things deserve respect and acknowledgement helps her to assist clients according to their particular needs. As a travelling lecturer, she is often away from her base practice, but continues to work on clients all over the country – all adding to her own learning experience. She says that animals are our greatest teachers and that they prompted her to share what she has learnt. Her two-day practical course comes to R4500, including continued support while honing your skills. ý See the advert for more details. retirement. To establish the estimated amount of capital needed for retirement, certainly involves numerous complicated calculations. I think it is virtually impossible to establish an absolutely correct figure, but it is certainly much better to be close than not to have saved at all. During these years you are working hard for your money and should really spend wisely to ensure a comfortable retirement. Once we reach retirement age, the second period of investment upgrading and changing the scatter cushions in your living area, you can completely change the feel of your home. If you are on a tight budget, you can make your dream fabric go further by simply backing it with a ŽůĨĞĚ ŚŝŚŽŵĞŚĂĞĞŚŝŶŐĂŶĚŵŽĞ ĞĚŽŽŵĂŚŽŽŵĂĂŐĞĂŬŝŶŐ ŚŝĂĐŚŝĞĐĂůĚĞŝŐŶĞĚŚŽŵĞŇŽďĞĂĨůůĂŶĚ maximizes the stunning views. It has a full bathroom, balcony and views from all bedrooms and more. Entertainment areas for all types of weather. Antony de Bruin | 079 941 6951 | 046 624 4879 View by appointment. planning commences. We are about to receive our company/employer’s pension fund benefits as well as our retirement annuities. Suddenly we have a couple of million rand in hand. The next question will be: “What do I do now?” This is the most important period in your financial planning life. Whatever decisions are now made can have a wonderfully positive outcome during your retirement – or could be a regretful uncertainty for rest of your lives. I cannot emphasise enough that, at this stage, it is absolutely essential to consult with a retirement/investment specialist. The correct investments should now be made to ensure that your much cheaper plain material. Or, you can liven up existing cushions by adding a new border or trim. The point is, with a little thought and some confidence, you can make a huge difference to your home and how you feel about it. My home is my greatest source of comfort, so making it cosy, welcoming and most importantly comfortable is a priority.” Many of us don’t do anything capital grows sufficiently to finance you and your spouse’s entire retirement period. The correct planning, advice and investments can certainly ensure a comfortable and carefree retirement. Now is the time that your hard-earned money should start working for you. For experienced and carefully planned retirement and other investment advice, feel free to phone our office on (087) 805-7712 for a fully confidential appointment. We are situated at 20 Southwell Road, on the corner of Becker Street, Port Alfred. We have ample “off street” parking available as well as a ramp for easy wheelchair access. We are absolutely passionate about your retirement. because we don’t know what is out there. I think it is important to use an expert. I have used Emma and we loved what she did. You can get hold of Emma on 07 9 - 51 5 - 1 1 2 0 . Please call me and tell me what you have done to freshen up your home. Call me on 082-653-5643 or e-mail me on I look forward to hearing from you. Annual Easter egg hunt at Red Leaf Nursery RED Leaf Nursery will be hosting their fifth Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 31. There will be two hunts this year, with the first one starting at 10am, which will be for children up to the age of five years. The second one will be at 11am for the older children. Anna-Mare Herselman from Grahamstown will be available to do face painting at R20 per child. Boredom Busters from Bathurst will have a stall at the nursery on the day, so don’t forget to bring some cash along. Chas Everitt will have a stall and be sponsoring lucky draw prizes. “Our Easter Egg Hunt this year will be in memory of Fanus Janse van Rensburg whotogether with his family, attended our Easter Egg Hunt last year – and was tragically taken away from his family a few weeks later,” Red Leaf co-owner Adele Steck said. “Although the Easter Egg Hunt is free, we would appreciate donations for our local NSRI. Hope to see you there!” Pot j i e cook- off at Route 72 Saloon MAKING the most of the Easter weekend, Route 72 Saloon is hosting a potjiekos competition on Saturday March 31. Anyone is welcome to enter and see how well their recipe fares against other potjie cooks. Preparation of the potjies must start at 12 noon to be ready by 5pm. Judging will take place with a decision on the winner by 5.30pm. First prize is R1 000, second prize R500 and third prize R300. Tickets will be sold at R25 per plate for spectators to try out the potjies. People are welcome to purchase multiple tickets to try out more than one p ot j i e . There will be live music from 7pm. The Saloon is located at 82 Albany Road, Port Alfred. For more information contact Louwrens on (046) 624-1088.

March 22, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 9 PEEK A BOO: Lia de Lange at the Shaw Park Primary Grade 2 classroom door ALWAYS LEARNING: The Shaw Park Primary Grade 4s on a Scifest outing, learning interesting facts and having fun. From left are Corban Calitz, Carter Stewart, Mnombo Mbongwana, Lubabalo Dyibishe, Jayson Webber and Nathan Achermann SCI-FI AT SCIFEST: On a visit to Scifest in Grahamstown, Shaw Park Primary Grade 5 pupils had an adventure learning interesting facts about creatures of science-fiction NO BONES ABOUT IT: Shaw Park Primary Grade 5s Somila Nkunkuma, left, and Liyoma Luphondo had great fun constructing a skeleton that can stand alone in their science practical TECH-SAVVY: Eugene De Lange hard at work doing a project in Grade 7 at Shaw Park Primary

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