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TOTT 5 April 2018

4 Talk of the Town

4 Talk of the Town ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook April 5, 2018 Overseas trips and land issues discussed at latest Ndlambe council meeting ROB KNOWLES WITH Stephen Scheepers from the Auditor General’s office present, the Ndlambe council held an open council meeting last Thursday to present the tabled budget for 2018-19 and discuss other matters. Land issues After the council had rejected an application for a resident to purchase a small section of redundant land in Kenton-on-Sea, it went on to approve the passing of municipally-owned land to churches. DA caucus leader Ray Schenk said that this was hypocritical and could not understand why a piece of land the municipality can do nothing with but still has to maintain could not have been sold. “We would make revenue from the sale, would not have to maintain the land anymore and it would increase the value of the applicant’s property and therefore increase rates revenue to the municipality,” Schenk said. Water quality and listeriosis The figures presented for January COUNCIL NOTES ... the municipality’s voice showed that, of the 22 samples taken around Ndlambe, all showed 100% compliance with the SA National Standards that predetermine drinking water must have a zero count for e.coli (which is generally transmitted through faecal contamination). However, the figures presented for February revealed a different story. Of the 22 new samples taken, only 17 passed with 100% compliance. Of the three samples tested in Alexandria, for example, none passed the test. One of the three samples taken in Bathurst failed, and one of the two samples from Kenton also failed. The difference had council speaker, Vivian Maphaphu, angry as she admonished the administration on not warning residents of the potential danger. “You have failed dismally in not letting people know there are problems,” she said. On the subject of the recent listeriosis outbreak that has seen cold meats being recalled and destroyed all around the country, DA PR councillor Khanyisa Daweti said the municipality had not done enough to inform residents of the problem or pointed out which foods to avoid while the crisis continues. Bulk water The beleaguered Amatola Bulk Water Project also came under the council’s scrutiny at the meeting with councillors and municipal administrators appearing to be at odds with the items reported. Initially Amatola Water had promised several “quick wins” t h at forecast at the earliest stages of the project, but these do not seem to have been achieved. It was also erroneously stated that Ndlambe, as the water service authority, had appointed Amatola Water to the project. Councillors were quick to point out that the authority responsible was actually the Department of Water and Sanitation, and not Ndlambe. ANC PR councillor Monica Mateti said their hadn’t been any quick wins on the project since 2011. “There are pipes lying around Alexandria and residents are worried,” she said. Oversight report on public accounts The oversight committee tendered its report at the council meeting but concerns were raised that those who had been found guilty of squandering municipal funds. Schenk asked why there was nothing in the report regarding any action taken against those who had spent funds irregularly or without authorisation. There was no answer from council regarding his concern. Security report The municipal stores, adjacent to the police station, have been seemingly under siege in recent times as items including tools, vehicle parts, fuel and more has been taken. The necessity to clamp down on these blatant thefts was realised by the council and measures taken to curb larceny. A report on the current status was compiled but concerns were raised that the report did not appear in the agenda. Overseas travel A motion of exigency was presented to council asking that the allowance for councillors and officials currently attending a trip to Germany be increased as they were only paid expenses based on the old rates by the South African Local Government A s s o c i at i o n . Schenk said that the trip had not been approved by council and was therefore irregular. LOOK OUT: Local surfers Kye Macgregor, Calvin Rostron and Andrew Laverge at the Amanzi Festival launch at the Royal St Andrews Hotel last Friday Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES Showing from Friday 06 April - Thursday 12 April R50 Adults - R40 Children (U/13). 3D Movies - R65 per person. Pensioner’s Special Wednesdays - R30 Times are subject to change due to demand. 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April 5, 2018 ADVERTISING / NEWSDESK: (046) 624 4356 Find us on Facebook Talk of the Town 5 Readers express their views on EFF attempt to remove Trollip as NMB’s mayor TALK of the Town asked its Facebook readers their thoughts about the impact of the EFF’s effort to remove Athol Trollip as Nelson Mandela Bay mayor. People were of different views, with several pointing to a racial motivation. Garth Roux stated it plainly: “[Julius] Malema himself said, ‘because he is white’.” C l i f fo r d M a c ke n z i e claimed that ANC officials prioritise themselves over voters, whereas the DA, under the leadership of Trollip, had been governing well. “If the ANC get back in they will carry on enriching themselves instead of their voters. Athol Trollip has been working wonders in our city. ‘This will all be lost if these power-hungry politicians with no clue of good governance get back in,” he said. Thabisile Mgwali’s question implied that he is not of the view that Trollip is doing wonders for the city. “Wo r k i n g wonders where?” he asked. He said the reason the EFF wanted to remove Trollip as NMB mayor was because Malema wants Trollip to be firm on the land expropriation mat ter. “Because he is not – the EFF is therefore not confident in him” he said. Mackenzie responded: “Trollip is firm, the DA is not against expropriation of land, but it is against expropriation without compensation and so is the rest of the civilised world. It's an offence to just take land. How would you feel if someone walked onto your property [whether you own it or not] and told you to get out because they want it?” M g wa l i ’s retort was: “There is nothing civilised about how land was obtained in South Africa.” Norman Josephy said if Trollip was removed there would be “regression to non-existent levels of delivery”. Beverly Young said: “Ethnicity aside, Malema is a sociopathic-narcissist – with one aim and that is to create havoc. There is nothing remotely admirable about him, and when his sycophants wake up one day, they will be yet homeless and starving. He has focused his spittle at NMB as it has a white mayor and has proved that there can be well run cities. If 'colour' was the only criteria, and a person of colour arrived on the scene, able to continue the amazing results Trollip has achieved – we would all cheer.” Fr a s e r Chambers said: “I disagree somewhat in the Malema issue ... I think he is rather smart. He is shouting from the roof tops and making a noise over a touchy subject that has been around since the ’90s, I think he is doing it to gain more support. “However, has anyone noticed that he is acting the same way he did when a member of the ANC? I think the rumours that were going about a few years back about his dismissal from the ANC are a front, are true.” PARK LAWN: Former Comrades winner and captain of the Kowie Striders Alan Robb, Marietjie Robb and granddaughter, Mia Robb, at the Halyards watching the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Festival Marina Mile last Friday Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES BE THE OWNER OF THIS! R2 495 000 JOINT MANDATE VIEW BY APPOINTMENT Commercial property in Bathurst. Floor area 427m². ŽŇŽŽŵŚŝĐŚĐŽŶŝŽĨĞĂĂĞĂŝ ŇĂŝůĚŝŶŐďŝůĚŽŶŵ Contact Susan: 082 820 4104 JOINT MANDATE A PEACE OF HAVEN R2 700 000 VIEW BY APPOINTMENT ĂŐŶŝĮĐĞŶŚŽŵĞŝĂĞĚŽŶůĂŐĞŐŽŶĚŚĞŵĂŝŶ ŚŽĞĐŽŶŝŽĨďĞĚŽŽŵďĂŚŽŽŵĚŝŶŝŶŐŽŽŵ ůŽŶŐĞŝŚĮĞůĂĐĞŬŝĐŚĞŶĂŶĂŶĚĂďĞĚŽŽŵ ďĂŚŽŽŵŇĂŽďůĞĂŶĚĞŵŐĂĂŐĞĞĂŽĂŐĞ ĂĂĨŽŵŚŽĞContact Susan 082 820 4104 The Anchorage, Gluckman Road: Tel 046 624 2454 Fax 046 624 3347 e-mail: FULL FOCUS - FULL POWER Heritage Mall, Port Alfred Tel: (046) 624 1648 Fax: (046) 624 3547 E-Mail:

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